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  • This plugin is awesome and I love it. I don’t often write reviews, but when I come across such a neat, simple and really effective plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin, then I simply must write a review and give due credit where credit is due.

    I’m not sure that I can understand some of the other reviews on here. I installed this plugin, it instantly worked and instantly did exactly what I needed it to do, as advertised. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to edit the images individually from the beginning, but a little click around in the WP media editor and I found it.

    I can bulk add and remove watermarks, very simple. I can add and remove watermarks individually, very simple. Or, automatically upon upload. I only had one image I restored which, for some reason, didn’t display properly on the page. It wasn’t a 404, because when you clicked on the container where the image was supposed to, it then loaded up in the lightbox. No drama, I just deleted the image in the post editor and uploaded a new one. No problemo. It was just one single minor glitch and that can happen at almost any time with any plugin.

    From my experience, this is not what I’d classify as a buggy, poorly coded plugin. No way. It seems super robust and extremely well-coded if you ask me.

    If this plugin remains stable with future updates, then it’s a definite keeper for me. I mean where do I enter my credit card details? Because, really, I will pay for it happily. And as of yet, no one has asked me for any money!

    Super plugin. Well done.

    [This is an update 4 days later. I’ve been working on scores of new pages, scores and scores of images and page image galleries. My original review just doesn’t do it enough justice. In this entire time, I’ve not had a single glitch or problem. I upload images and I get exactly what I want. I’ve checked everything across mobile devices too. Same excellent results to report. Really excellent. Very happy.]

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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