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  • I had a very strange problem tonight. I needed to install Ghost blog in a subdirectory of my main site, so I set up nginx to reverse proxy the subdirectory to my Ghost port and it seemed to work fine, right up until I created an account and tried to log in.

    After more than an hour of trying to diagnose the problem it turned out to be this plugin causing the issue, but it only caused a problem in Firefox v68, Chrome worked fine.

    In Firefox when I tried to authenticate to my Ghost installation the dev tools showed “Unknown” for the IP address and a 403 error on the authentication request.

    After disabling the plugin and clearing caches everything worked perfectly. I re-enabled the plugin and it broke the authentication again and showed Unknown again for IP addresses, disabling the plugin fixed it again so I’m certain it’s an issue with the plugin when using Firefox 68.

    Anyway I thought I’d let you know in case other people are having weird issues.

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