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    This is a fantastic product and comes with support that is unprecedented in this day and age. Highly customize-able and excellent for using for a quick implementation of small
    amounts of data. My complements to the developers.

    One major point to consider: Do not use if you have a LARGE amount of data that you need to display, admin or front end. OR, if you desire to come straight from your own database. The plugin uses the WordPress tables for each and every record set, thus slowing down the overall performance of the site. While you can go around this issue with a override callback feature, the callback is called every single time for every field within the record. This becomes more obvious with repeatable records… thus loading large amount of records can be really slow.

    The plugin has the capability of uploading images..with another hickup– it uses the WordPress media library to implement the feature. Fantastic if you have a quick and dirty need or are using this on the backend to a limited degree. The problem comes when you are asking users to upload their photos for their account…and they happen to have the same file name. As we all know, WordPress does not do similar file names well..ignoring the secondary upload. Thus on the display, who ever uploaded first, is the photo/image that display for all the accounts.

    The plugin is highly javascript/jquery based, which has it’s pros and cons, since it will be limited by the amount of memory on the user’s system and specifically within the browser.

    That said, I found this plugin to be very helpful in my learning process. After which, I have written my own solution, that is more PHP centric and less dependent on the browser memory capacity. But I could not have known what do to, until I used this product to learn the process of what worked and what does not.

    I loved using the product and at the time I started, the support was super in my exploration and implementation of data display for user’s account.

    Grateful for the team and would recommend the plugin, given the consideration of your own site needs.

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