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  • Recently I found that Table of Contents + plugin was interfering with a thumbnail carousel plugin, portfolio slideshow Pro. Turning it off made the slideshow run.
    #2. The TOC developer tells me that it is because of a script error in the Super Popup. To inactivate it, and reenable TOC.
    #3. so I do that. Not only does this not fix the problem, NOW another plugin HOTSPOT Maps, is now not working either. Without Super POP up, my HOTSPOT map plugin no longer works.
    It is like Super POPUP has it’s JS hooks into a lot of other plugins.

    what’s up with that?

    I love this plugin. I just cannot have it controlling other plugin behaviors.


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  • ps. This is the error that the other plugin developer said they were getting.
    I clicked on the link to your site and can see that it currently has one javascript error:
    TypeError: $.cookie is not a function
    c_value_a = $.cookie(smp_cookie_name_a);
    I think this is coming from super pop up plugin so try disabling it and then reenable TOC+. These types of errors have a tendency to stop queued javascript from executing, which may impact other javascript functionality.

    What do you make of it?


    Same thing happened to me. Basically WP-Super Popup Pro is now not working on my site AND if I deactivate it, my images don’t appear. It’s also conflicting with other things…Total mess.

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