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  • I am supper happy I found this plugin. I had a customer that uploaded a lot of images straight from the camera, all over 8mb in size.

    This seems to be the only plugin that uses the native WordPress image resize and compression functions. So it just works on your own site instead of in the cloud and you don’t need an API like for all of the other plugins. There no limitation on the number of images that can be compressed either.

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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Glad you liked it! Just FYI, EWWW Image Optimizer will also use the WP native resizing functions too 🙂 Even when you have an API key active, it still does all the resizing locally.

    Oh it does? The description of that plugin is confusing because it says “using tools on your own server for free (jpegtran, optipng, pngout, pngquant, gifsicle, cwebp)” and I didn’t want to go trough the hassle of testing if it works out of the box or needed an additional tool (which I can’t install on shared hosting). It also mentions ExactDN for resizing so I wasn’t sure if it means I needed something extra to resize.

    I notice now that both plugins are by Shane Bishop and you contributed to both (or is it you). So why two different plugins, what are the pro’s and cons of each of them and why do you promote EWWW here this much? 😉

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    The main focus of EWWW IO was always on image compression, and I used to recommend folks use Imsanity to resize their images. Eventually, due to user demand, I added the resize ability like Imsanity, which at the time was maintained by Jason Hinkle. He tragically passed away last year, and so I offered to maintain Imsanity for those who wanted to keep using Imsanity for just resizing their images.

    I tend to promote EWWW IO, because it does the resizing + compression, for even better image optimization. It’s pretty easy to test out EWWW IO, just install it and see if it works. It has all the tools bundled with it, and works on lots of shared hosting systems. If it doesn’t work, then you can certainly go back to just Imsanity 🙂

    As for ExactDN, it does much more than the usual resizing performed by Imsanity. Whereas Imsanity (and the resizing dimensions of EWWW IO) only scale the original upload, ExactDN implements a CDN and fills in gaps in the “responsive images” feature in WordPress for even faster image delivery.

    Plugin devs aren’t supposed to talk about paid products in the forums, so I’ll leave it at that (regarding ExactDN), and if you want more info, please shoot me a message via

    Thanks for clarifying! Ok, I had a quick look at EWWW IO. Got a warning that exec() needs to be enabled. Wow it has a lot of settings. I like the simplicity of Imsanity and it does all I need without API key 😉 so I stick with that for now. Thanks!

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