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  • I already had a verified account at SumUp since 2021 and been using their terminals to accept card payments in person since then. When I started my webshop they didn’t have a working plugin for woocommerce, so I had to look for an alternate solution (I’ve found a local one with slightly higher fees). Yesterday I accidentally spotted on the sumup site there’s an option now to use them on my webshop, so I read the documentation (it doesn’t always match what you actually see in the settings, but I guess anyone can follow the guide), then installed the plugin on my site, created the necessary key on the sumup site (OAuth2 App if you’d look for it), emailed the support to enable payment scope for it. This was around midnight. They responded by the morning, then enabled the function by 14:00 today and I tested it. Already had my first customer paying through sumup by 14:30 🙂

    Setting up a new payment method has never been easier!

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