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  • Second review of this plugin, over 135k links were scanned.

    The good points : almost everything. The plugin does its job well, will update posts properly. These results are nothing short of praiseworthy.

    I know I’ll list many more bad points than good points, but I also see the latter as constructive criticism, and the good points are, simply, massive, the plugin did its job and did it damn WELL!

    The bad points :

    – the plugin BADLY needs a “bad domains” feature. Some domains expire, and are bought by other companies and then put back online for advertising unrelated stuff, and in such a case, the broken links checker believes these are good links, it won’t even list them for checking.
    Sadly, they are now dead links not pointing anymore to the initial pages.
    It would be GREAT if we could tell the broken links checker which domans are to be considered as bad and listed among the broken links.
    (Updating : the plugin author answered arbout this, apparenty this isn’t going to be implemented, but we can go to the links management section in Tools > Link Checker, and manually search for the bad domain names, and tick have them all unlinked. Decent enough workaround.)

    – Sometimes I write text with a part between double quotes or with a superior sign in the descriptions of images, and I occasionally found the plugin had problems with & quot ; and & gt ; (I’m adding spaces, not sure if the present form formatting won’t take them for double quotes otherwise) in the alt= and title= fields of images, it believed it was broken code. That’s not always happening, oddly.

    – it’s not a really bad point, but, still, when we talk about thousands, hundreds of thousands of dead links, the only solution is to always keep a tab with the blog admninistration open, otherwise, only hourly checks, it would take forever to scan all the links.
    It would be nice to have an option to “repeat every minute”, so that we don’t need to, first thing in the morning, open again our blog admin, and leave it open all day, haha.

    – in the Admin > Tools > Broken links, the broken links plugin creator has added on top of a page a tab with a green background called Admin Menu Editor. It took me five full minutes to realize it was a suggestion to add this other wordpress plugin; I had first believed this was an additional plugin that had been added alongside the broken links plugin. And I wasted a crazy time searching where this unwanted plugin was hidden so that I could – in vain, I understood later – uninstall it.

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