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  • I’d like help in completely uninstalling everything involved with super cache and wp-cache.

    I have messed around with trying to get either one of these plugins to work. Wp-cache used to work on my blog with another host but I recently switched hosts because they were shutting my site down due to overuse of ram.

    I followed all the instructions for super cache install and everything was working except only pages ending in “/feed/” and “/print/” were showing up in the cache. The compression for non-cookie visitors was working but I could never get a wp-cache message at the bottom of the source code for any of the pages of the site atfer multiple reloads (in other words wp-cache was not caching). I checked all the permissions settings, tried unloading various plugins and everything else I could find about troubleshooting.

    I have also tried reversing the install directions and removing the .htaccess code and just installing wp-cache but it just doesn’t work anymore.

    Now this morning I noticed my site pages were having trouble loading and I could not get into the admin. I removed the super cache plugin entirely from the plugins and the site loaded again.

    I’d still like to get just super cache and/or wp-cache loaded again but fear that wp-cache was the cause of the overuse of ram problem and do not want to break my site loading for my visitors.

    I contacted someone who had a similar problem with only feed pages caching and he said it was related to a meta-tag problem of some kind. I use headspace2 and tried deactivating that but this did not make wp-cache work again.

    I’d appreciate directions on putting everything back to where it was before wp-cache or super-cache existed on my site and perhaps I will try again down the road sometime.

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