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  • We have a very unique set up or our new site that requires that we use proxy rules for all of the URL’s on the top level that need to show up on the site. That means that http;// is going through a proxy, and everything else under it.

    We are able to activate super-cache and it works well and creates the cached files and serves those out. It will even run the time and grab older files and replace them. The feature we would really like to use, however, is the “Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated.” That works for all other sites on our network, domain mapped and not domain mapped, but not for this one site.

    So the question I have is how is that function called? Is it from the front end somehow? I’m not sure why it is not clearing out the cached files on page update. I am assuming it has something to do with our proxy since that is the only real difference between this site and others.

    Thanks for any thoughts you can offer.

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  • So I was looking some more at the .htaccess rules and see this suggestion:

    “#If you serve pages from behind a proxy you may want to change ‘RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on’ to something more sensible”

    That makes sense if all the sites on the network are behind a proxy, but it is only this one site on the multisite network that is having issues.

    I did check and the cached pages are being served out. It is just getting the clear cache to trigger. It would be even better if it only cleared the cache for the page it was updating instead of the whole cache, but I’d settle for the whole cache too.

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