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  • I have been struggling with installing this plugin for a while now.

    It appears there is a conflict between this plugin and another I have running. I think I have narrowed it down to either headspace 2 with the tag cloud loaded or wp-print.

    What is happening is this:

    I follow all the instructions for installing. The compression works fine. Non-cookie visitors are gz cached but not wp-cached. Wp-cache only caches pages ending in /feeds/ and /print/ per the chache listing in the options.

    If I completely uninstall super cache and install just wp-cache, the same result occurs, just the /feeds/ and /print/. WP-cache appeared to work fine before I switched to my new isp host.

    I have also noticed that my site sometimes hangs and will not load, I get a database error message that it is not connecting when super cache is loaded. I also noticed that sometimes my permalinks get messed up and I get a page not found for pages other than the front page after loading super cache. I have always used domain/date/postname permalinks. I have checked all the file permissions and the .htaccess file for correct coding.

    I recently switched isp hosts because my site was crashing their server and I suspect it may have been caused by wp-cache. My database ended up having over 700,000 repeated records in wp-options that I cleaned up also that I suspect came from errant behavior of wp-cache and was possibly causing the excessive ram usage on the server.

    So I am going to leave super cache uninstalled for a while and see of things run smoothly since the site was down 5 days as a result of the switchover and I do not want to disrupt my visitors for a while after so many problems.

    I have looked around and cannot find much of anything about the issues that I am having on other sites. If anyone has an idea of what is happening, please let me know. Thanks,

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  • I just had Super cache installed by my web guy yesterday and since then my XML/RSS file is broken and I can’t get it to work. Very weird.

    If you’ve found anything out please let me know.



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