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  • Me again this time with some different questions! First of all I’ve just recently tried adding the Super Archives and the extension to that the Extended Live Archives plugins in my WP 1.5 setup (its here at First a few observations:

    1. Neither plugin documents the fact that a cache directory needs to be created under /wp-content/teb-super-cache/ or /wp-content/af-extended-live-archive or that write permissions need to work for these directories

    2. Neither plugin (nor does the Codex) say explicity HOW these plugins work. I was pulling my hair out trying to get these to work and it was only by accident that I fixed my problem. If you do not have ‘/archives/’ prefixed in your Permalink variable you will never see these plugins work or even execute.

    So to recap
    If your Permalink values are this:

    Going to results in a 404 from Apache 1.3

    If your Permalink values are this:

    Going to works now!

    This is never specifically said anywhere in the Codex that I could find per se, it was only because the Codex had that listed as an example Permalink value that I even tried it.

    Ok, so now that I have the Super Archives with the Extended Live Archives running I have noticed this set of errors being caused anytime I load the archives page by clicking on its link from my main index page:

    [Tue Jul 26 03:59:09 2005] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: posts in /home/nonmundane/docs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/teb-super-archive/includes/tsa.php on line 109
    [Tue Jul 26 03:59:09 2005] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: fade_year in /home/nonmundane/docs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/teb-super-archive/includes/tsa.php on line 158
    [Tue Jul 26 03:59:09 2005] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: fade_month in /home/nonmundane/docs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/teb-super-archive/includes/tsa.php on line 185
    [Tue Jul 26 03:59:09 2005] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: fade_post in /home/nonmundane/docs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/teb-super-archive/includes/tsa.php on line 227

    Anything I can do to make these errors go away? I like to keep the error log clean of spurious errors if possible so I can catch the really important stuff. Thanks!

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  • Daniel, nice post. I’m still at the ‘pulling my hair out’ stage trying to install the extended live plugin for my non-profit theatre research site here:
    Is there any chance you might be able to help me with a bit of a step-by-step on this one? I’m a newb and I’m out of my depth at the moment with this one? If so please contact me at:
    aeglinton [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

    In exchange I will add links to your site from my 3 websites to generate some traffic for you.

    Many thanks indeed.

    P.s. same goes for anyone else who would be kind enough to help me get this archives plugin up and running.


    It is indeed a bug that exists in some Super Archive version. To solve this, in tsa.php, line 68, before the if statement, add the following :

    $fade_year = ”;
    $fade_month = ”;
    $fade_post = ”;

    it should help. If not, go get ExtendedLiveArchive : this bug has been fixed in there…

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!!

    I Googled:

    404 Extended Live Archive and found your post regarding that the permalink needs to be updated.

    You saved 3 days of my life at least. Thank you.

    Chris Bryce

    My husband and I are experimenting with Extended Live Archives on my site

    For the longest time it wouldn’t work. Finally it works by disabling the auto-404 error. It’s a hack described at the “official ELA forums” on flickr here:

    It seems like a very buggy thing indeed and I’m not sure we’re going to keep it in place. The idea is wonderful but the execution, eh, could be better.

    Our next step is formating and fixing the categories. Right now it only shows one category, the one that’s not nested. Argh.

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