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    <p class=””>Backup Guard used to be ok. But since it has turned into JetBackup, it’s a mess. A lot of the time it stalls when started manually, automatic backups often don’t happen at all. Then sometimes success is reported, but the backup size is way too small, so it has obviously failed. There have been a few updates during the past year, but I’m not seeing improvements. Happening on various sites, different hosts, so not just one specific situation.<br>I’m surprised about the positive reviews here, apparently some people are luckier than me …</p>
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    Dear @lausianne,

    We are sorry for your frustration, but we do provide a closing option for the review banner: https://prnt.sc/rw4d7s

    This banner is shown only after you do at least 3 backups on your site or one restore.
    This is our way of checking if our users are pleased with our plugin and our service overall.

    It’s not an obligation, so we do provide ways of closing it via the “X” button or the other “I already did” and “Maybe later” buttons.

    We are very sorry to see that you are giving us 3 stars in spite of liking our plugin. 🙁

    Hope you can reconsider your rating.

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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, the banner can be closed. But it came back up on the very next page reload. It seems this is fixed now, I am not seeing it anymore. Now there is only one annoying banner right in Backup settings, not closable. But I can live with that. I just hope it goes away when I purchase a Backup license.

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