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  • Hey!

    I’m running my site on WPMU and until a week ago everything was going smoothly.

    Then i had some plugins that needed to be updated (reCAPTCHA) so i updated them and to my surprise my site got F’ed up.. i couldn’t sign on or even see the site anymore.. i got a error message saying that there was something wrong on a certain line and to be honest i don’tremember what file it was but i went inside and saw that nothing was wrong on that line but i tested to remove the piece of code and the site came back up BUT i was no longer a super admin and that functionality was gone so i put that piece of code back and it went down again.

    Afterwards i decided that i would remove that pice of code cause i need the site to be up and running, but now all the features like editing themes and accounts are gone.. i need my super admin priviliges back!!!

    Anyone able to help?

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  • We really really need to be able to see what file you edited and what you took out.

    i found that it was inside the wp-includes folder and the file is the capabilities.php file.

    the piece of code that i removed was on line 1208.

    here is how it looks now:

    1206:function is_super_admin( $user_id = false ) {
    1207:	if ( ! $user_id ) {
    1208:		$user_id = ! empty($current_user) ? $current_user->id : 0;
    1209:	}
    1211:	if ( ! $user_id )
    1212:		return false;

    So the code i removed was between 1207 and the current 1208 something with wp_get_user if i’m not mistaken…

    Why not get a new copy of that file from a fresh wordpress download and replace it?

    @ipstenu if that was the case then i wouldn’t have had to remove the line of code that i erased. something is clashing on the site..

    Could it be because i didn’t update to WP 3.0.1 but updated the plugins?

    Cause now i’m not even able to update WPMU only super admin could..

    Could it be because i didn’t update to WP 3.0.1 but updated the plugins?

    Quite possibly, yes. Especially if some of those plugins were 3.0 versions.

    You can always update WP manually.

    Thew code you removed took away the super admin capability.

    I tried to manually update it but it says i don’t have the authority to update..

    Or maybe i’m doing it wrongly?
    What way would you recommend?

    manually update means go and get the files from the download page. ftp them to your server.

    You still have ftp access, right?

    Backend access is automatic up-date. Manual is server-side.

    something is clashing on the site..

    Yes, and that something is most likely your plugins 🙂 Fix the file, turn off your plugins. If that magically fixes it, then turn your plugins on one at a time until it bombs out again.

    (to disable your plugins, rename the folder plugins to plugins-old and go to your site. They will be disabled. Then you can name the plugin folder back and turn them back on, one at a time)

    I love you guys! Thanks the both of you! My priviligies are back 😛

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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