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  • I have a network of sites setup (about a dozen or so), with a super user that isn’t the standard ‘admin’ username. The problem I’ve run into (bug / whatnot) is that when I create a new site, the super admin user isn’t listed as a ‘user’ of the site (either in the sites->user list) or for the individual sites.

    I have to manually go in and add the super admin user to the sub-sites in the network before the user will show up. This seems rather strange to me – obviously I can go in an edit / work with the sub-sites without problem, but this has caused some problems, for example:

    – if I delete a sub-site, it asks me if i want to attribute all of the posts etc to a user, but the super-admin user isn’t actually a user for the sub-sites…

    As well, the site network seems to have automatically created an ‘admin’ user, who is then granted access to all of the sub-sites as if this user is the super-admin or something.

    I’m thinking this is a bug, but could just be me not understanding how the user roles / permissions work.

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    Is the admin ID the first ID? That is is the user number for admin #1?

    I wonder if it defaults to just adding the first super-admin, in the case of multiple super admins.

    that’s the wierd thing – the super admin is user #1 but isn’t being added to the sub-sites. the ‘admin’ user is actually ‘id 3’ but i didn’t actually add that user myself.

    i do have a couple of plugins installed that i was hoping would simplify network user management – not sure if one of them is causing the problem or not.

    I actually have to go in and ‘edit’ the site, add the super admin user manually and THEN it recognizes that it’s a super admin and then it shows up in the list.

    Thought it was strange, so figured I’d mention it…more of an inconvenience than anything at this point.

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    Well step one would be to turn off the management plugins, obviously 😀

    I’ve never seen that, but I always create the sub-sites for my users. Short leash 😉

    Yeah disabling the plugins would be the first step – but the wierd thing is that I have been the one creating all of the sub-sites – while logged in as the ‘id 1 super user’ that doesn’t even up having access to the sites…

    Nothing major – if I have time to play around with it further, I will…


    Regarding your Super Admin not being added as a user to the new sites; I believe this is the default behavior for WordPress MultiSite. If you create a new site within the network, the only way you are added as a user of the site is to either specify yourself as the administrator when creating the site, or to manually go in and add yourself after the site is created.

    However, I have no idea why an arbitrary “admin” user would be added to the subsites, unless that is the username/e-mail address that’s being entered in the “Site Administrator” field when the new site is created.

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    Yes,. it’s likely one of your plugin interfering.

    The super admin user doesn’t technically have to be added to a user to ANY of the sub-sites. They’re a super admin, they can get in anywhere and do pretty much anything.

    Turn off the plugins. Go access one of your sub sites.

    you don;t need to be on the user list at all.

    i realize that i don’t need to be on the user list, but i have run into a couple of situations where it is a problem.

    for example, say I want to delete a user from a site – it prompts me to assign all posts / pages from that user to another – but it only shows users that have access (ie show up in the user list) for that site. the super admin user doesn’t show up in that list.

    can’t remember where else I ran into something similar…

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    yeah, that’s one of the small ones. 🙂

    you can still just add an exisiting user (superadmin) to the sub sites by going to the subsite’s User -> Add New screen.

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