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  • Hello Curtis,

    I hope all is well and that you can point me in the right direction for resolution.

    On a WP3.4.2 multisite installation with about 60 sites, when viewing the all users page some sites feature the Super Admin role in the role assignment drop down but others do not. The Extended Super Admin Manager role appears in the drop down list on all sites. Should new Extended Super Admin Roles appear in the drop down list by the name given them when created in the Network admin configuration of a new Extended Super Admin role? For example, I created a new role “Super Admin Sub” but it does not appear in any drop down list on any site.

    Various sites were created from various template sites configured with the template plugin.

    Some sites are missing the Super Admin in the drop down, how/where do I add the Super Admin to the DB so they appear in the user assignment drop down? And should new ESA roles appear in the drop down?

    Phil D

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