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  • Hello,

    your plugin is great, thank you for it. In our shop we have tax rates 24%, 14%, 10% and 0%. Is it possible to export total sums (including shipping) per each tax rate?

    Table for example
    Tax rate – netto – tax – brutto

    Thank you very much

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    Please, visit
    and use code “add all taxes as columns”

    but you should sum taxes using Excel.
    thanks, Alex


    thank you very much for your answer! Unfortunately the code doesn’t work for me, after adding it in functions.php (even the plugin) and exporting excel report I get no new fields.

    Plugin Author


    please, check section >Setup fields>Others or use button “Reset settings”


    That is almost what we need, just one more thing. Is it possible to group all same rates together (no matter of the country)? So I would have 4 fields 24%, 14%, 10% and 0%. Now I need to print for each country each rate.

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    Do you see same taxes/columns many times ?

    Try this version

    Yes, I could see it many times – for each country. How should I edit the second line? Btw. The snippet you have posted is for shipping? I need all taxes from the order together (product tax + shipping tax)

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    1. 2nd line — put unified names of taxes (must match with $label).
    unified – not depending on country.

    2. You must add some PHP code after this line to remap $label to unified tax names (see #1)
    $label = $tax_item->get_label();

    I’m sorry, I can’t help you more.
    It will require extra time to tweak grouping for your needs.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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