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  • Post summaries are not always displayed on my index page, most of the time I only get “read more”. It is very strange, the problem appears to be random they work for some posts but not for others.

    I have tried to reverse engineer and narrow down the problem without luck. As fist I thought it might be a taxonomy issue but after trying a few posts with different settings I cant notice any difference. I don’t think they have anything to do with it. Sometimes it uses my defined excepts from the wordpress post editing page and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried changing the teaser length to see if that would trigger the missing summaries on and off but it didn’t. It only worked on the ones that were already being displayed.

    here is the my troubled site.

    Anyone else having this issue or is it just me and my pour coding skills?

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  • ster – did you figure this mystery out? I have a site that is experiencing this similar issue: all posts show their images, titles and teasers – – except one post, which shows all except the teaser. previously, I thought it was in the page name, so I changed it up – it took care of it for that post and now, a few days later, it has happened to another post and I don’t want to have to keep changing page names for the teaser to show, that is obviously not a true solution…please share any suggestions you have, thank you!!

    Nope. Sorry I had no luck with it. Alas, it proved so frustrating that in the end I just decided to recode a new fluid theme. Its a real brain twister this one. Good luck solving the mystery.

    just found this, in case someone else struggles with it, in my case it was broken code at the start of the page, particularly (here) just a missing quotation mark – problem solved!

    I’m struggling with it!
    Can you be more spacific on where exactly did you find the problem (in case you remember after 5 mounth…!)

    My missing quotation mark was within the anchor code for back to top of page which would read something like this: Go to the Top

    And the #top is supposed to be surrounded by quotation marks (as the piece of code here shows)…one was missing, it broke the code on only the posts where the quotation was missing and those are the posts where the summaries would not show.

    If you are not using that particular piece of code, then I would suggest a thorough review of all of your code to make sure all details are correct.

    I hope this helps – I know how frustrating these things can be!!

    Good luck!

    Oops! My previous response actually now links to the top of the page here, sorry!!

    Here is the start of that anchor, not complete this time, to show it in html without actually linking so you can see the quotations:

    <…href=”#top”>Go to …(html would be finished out…)

    Sorry about that!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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