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  • I want to bring to your attention and ask for help from the people who are working with WordPress – to warn one of your users (who even made her way to be a “volunteer” member of your team) to stop personally harassing me and my blog – at her blog. Her nick is “Sulz” (well-known), and you can take a look at her post (with over 20 comments) – where she used me on a spoiled way to get attention and “approval” of other bloggers:

    “I Like Cheap Comments!”

    I just can’t understand how such a two-faceted (and, in her own words: “neurotic, masochistic, emetophobic, but no longer schizophrenic!”) person dare to give “advices” to anybody, as she did at your Forum, and to me at my blog. I admit, I wasn’t 100% polite in my answer to her, but, I just mentioned what I SAW in her blog and comments. She deserved such a comment, I did not exaggerate anything. And I stopped after my second comment (a month ago). At the contrary, she’s still continuing with her provocations and humiliation toward me with the help of other bloggers, until today (which is a month later!) I think it is time that someone of authority say to her: “cool-off”. She was so full-of-herself that she’s threatened me and my blog to be “flamed” by “her friends”.All of it without real reason.
    I know it is unusual to ask you that (there’s millions of blogs), but from time to time I think is necessary to “put on the ground” persons like Sulz. I would recommend to her to close this particular topic and to delete this post. Because humiliation of other users should not be allowed.
    It is also in your best interest to keep your wonderful blog software WordPress nice and clean, where people would feel as at home.

    Thank you!

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