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  • Hi all,

    I’m looking for a good, reliable and – hopefully – cost effective host to run WordPress so I can get my magazine blog up and running.

    I have been warned away from Fasthosts because they seem to be pretty bad, but does anybody have any other suggestions? Who do you use?

    Please reply here and let me know, thanks!

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  • I would recommend:


    Not in the UK, but unless there is some reason for needing a UK host you may want to read-up on what these offer.

    I’ll take a look, thanks for the quick response 🙂

    I’d recommend..

    Or if not UK specific, i also found to be very good, very fast response times to tickets etc…

    l did try couple of hosting for wordpress and finally found because of friend and now so happy with it because fast and cpanel is very easy to use, pay little more but quality and fast.

    however there is hundreds, but try this.

    I’d avoid Fasthosts if you can as tech support can be pretty poor. Also their servers are not compatible with WordPress 404 error page functions so you just get random html code churned out when a page is not found.

    Sadly I’ve just signed up for a year with them before finding this out, but this price was fairly good so I guess I can live with them. But I won’t be renewing next year.

    Someone recommended in another forum. I haven’t used them but they seem pretty good based upon their website, plus they have auto install of WP. Hope this helps…

    I use who are based in Manchester and have been using them for years and can only say good things about them.

    I have been using EVO Hosting for the last 6 months, as they are in the UK and my customers are too I get a better UK Google ranking on my affiliate blogs than if my sites were in the USA. Their support guys are great — I can’t say anything bad about them, you can install wordpress in 1 click using their Installatron and they give you a free domain.

    I use . They are UK based and their support has been good so far.

    I have also had very bad experiences with Fashosts support. I have just joined up with 34SP and while it is early days, they do look good and have good reviews on some review sites. look quite good, got a genie backup that’s free even if you dont host with them

    I always use hostgator if you want to add more domains to your magazine, then you don’t have to up your account and pay more. There support is excellent.

    We can do this for you, check out our site below

    Our hosting packages start from as little as £20 per year with a FREE domain name for 2 years.

    And we are based in the UK..

    Kind Regards


    Hi there I just thought I would mention that I use fasthosts and their support was superb, I have been running my blog Recruitment views on it for a few years now.

    Also if you have a .com you will need a UK hosting company which I found out to my horror. Because otherwise it is not included in search results, hence moving to fasthosts.

    I have learnt a lot over the years and have set up a few wordpress blogs for friends, so If anyone needs help, you can contact me via my blog, to help you get started.
    Stephen can give you UK based WordPress hosting. Plans are available for light users, business users and designers/developers.

    We run our own servers in our own racks and have fully UK based tech support and sales.

    Rex @

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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