• My first suggestion is for there to be a suggestion category in this forum. My second is that WP should be made so that ALL functionality is built into WP, and I mean ALL plus widgets, plugins, etc., rather than into the themes.

    As it is now, some themes have functionality that other themes do not have. So themes work better than other themes. But if all functionality were built into WP and its plugins and widgets, then there would be no difference except for appearance, when it comes to changing themes.

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  • There is also no way to edit a post here after it has been posted like there is with most forums. There should be an edit button here.




    there IS an edit button here. Its available for a certain amount of time — after that, your ability to edit the post is lost. And no, the amount of time is less than 5 hours.

    There is a suggestion category here. Its called feedback

    Lastly, your idea is ridiculous, and its been discussed here before. Its never going to happen, so dont hold your breath. The same way, every single phpBB mod will NEVER see its way into phpBB.

    That’s an absolutely ludicrous idea.

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