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  • As we are very pleased with this plugin, we have some suggestions, specially user experiance, as some client started testing using this, and reported som anyoing stuff.

    There are 2 “Read” textnodes without any HTML-tag, showing ugly and breaks the default layout flow (metabox and inside modal). I still dont understand why they are there, and if there is a reason, they could be a part of the title instead (Groups read). Or give them a html wrapper som we can hide them by CSS.

    File: class-groups-access-meta-boxes.php Line 208:
    $output .= __( ‘Read’, ‘groups’ );

    File: class-groups-access-meta-boxes.php Line 418:
    $output .= __( ‘Read’, ‘groups’ );


    In media modal, the description take huge space, but if they are removed or display: none; by CSS, the dropdown autoselect dissapear behind the modal fold. All descriptions should be enaled to dismiss (at least with custom CSS), to avoid cluttered back-end. This layout bug might be a problem when many groups are selectable. The space by the descriptions will not be enough.

    attachment edit-post:

    The post box is not in use on “normal” attachment edit-post, instead it appears far below on the page by the attachment-field-to-edit (table.compat-attachment-fields), used by modal view. This is a lazy architecture, but understandable for a free plugin. However, when using restricted groups on attachment views, it is a pain to open each edit and scroll-scroll and populate the selector. Specially when no quick edit is available for Media Library.

    The if ( $post_type_object && $post_type != 'attachment' ) { has the box ready (and working). All needed to do is tell the javascript select wich one to work with -as the $pagenow and hooks not differ between the 2 library way to view. But, a simple way to know if the modal backbone is in use: if(wp_script_is('media-editor')){ do the enquene...

    Well, thanks for consider this, and thanks for a nice Plugin.

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