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    One of the things in my years of training, both in business – continuous improvement and db design, was to reduce redundancy. Has this changed? The reason I ask is when entering company and client data,, often time it is redundant, especially, address, website, etc.

    To reduce the number of ‘required’ keystrokes, perhaps have a selection button, as with many ecommerce sites – is the shipping billing address the same?

    As I have mentioned previously the ability to tie companies to companies, love the groups in the plugin, but were to the be used for every group, there could be potentially 100’s of groups! Almost all the companies I work with have belong to multiple groups. And sometimes the company is its own group – for instance – LL MOTOR GROUP which encompasses LL Chevrolet, LL Mazda, LL Cadillac and LL Oldsmobile. Often times when engaging in conversation with any member of the group, it is advantageous to know who and how many are in the group as easily as possible – to offer discounts, know you are not ‘working against yourself,’ etc.

    Perhaps possible to show a ‘tree’ image of some sort on the ‘side’ of the screen showing groups that the ‘present entity’ being viewed belongs to. This would greatly reduce the ‘screen hopping’ to gather ‘all the information about the entity.

    Is it possible to put a title field on the contact screen? Currently have the titles set up as groups, but would be advantageous and possibly a time save not to look at groups. Also, there are some pretty unique titles out there, may mean the same but are totally different.

    Previously, I had mentioned a possible change to Groups (making the alphabetical). Also, the display on the screen of the ‘Assign Group’ function – they are listed in single column and if you have a number of groups, that can make for a lot of scrolling during the add function.

    Would it be possible to use multi columns in listing the groups?

    Just a few more ideas. Do not mean to and hope that I do not sound as if I am complaining. Far from it, I am an advocate of WPERP (CRM Module) and have high regards for it. If any of your users need assistance or wish to discuss it, feel free to given them my email address. With over 500K of combined companies and contacts, both as user and integrator myself, I used the plugin extensively.

    Great product all and your support adds to the value of the product! Can hardly wait to add the email module to it soon (expect to hear from me more! LOL!)


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    Thank you for your suggestions. Customer like you are always helpful for our business. Will try to implement your suggestions as new features.

    Cheers 🙂

    Thank you! I look forward to future releases and development.
    If I can be of service, in BETA testing or otherwise in future development of the plugin, please do not hesitate to let me know.



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