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    I am starting a new wordpress site for a homeowners association and would love recommendations on themes to consider. The site will be very simple and all that really matters is that there is the ability to create a separate area or page or tab for registered home owners that allows for paying dues and access to private files and discussions. The main site will be just a welcome page with historical and general in for about the community.

    Thanks very much for thoughts on themes to consider

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  • Generally speaking…

    — Themes provide site design
    — Plugins provide additional site functionality/features

    Even when a theme has the words “HOA” or “Real Estate” in its name, often all that means is that it comes with pretty pictures of houses!

    So pick whatever theme has the design you desire (or that is flexible enough to allow you to customize it to your heart’s desire)… as it’s not the theme that’s going to allow you to process payments, manage member database, or protect files.

    Then you can look for plugin(s) to provide the functionality you need.

    For the basic requirements you mentioned, ie:

    — Handle membership dues (recurrent payment)
    — Provide secure access to files

    You can find both features in a membership plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/membership/

    Good luck!

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    thanks very much

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