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  1. Truth
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a shopping cart plugin that is very simple to use and integrate into the site.

    Firstly, I do not need the paypal feature (can disable it or something or those plugins which has that feature?)

    I need something that is easy to integrate.
    - With a categories page
    - (Optional) Ability to add comments and ratings to a product
    - Option to put the product on "Out of Stock" status
    - Ability to choose the quantity to purchase for the product
    - Ability to choose the "colors" of the product
    (eg. the product is in 2 colors or more)

    - Short desciptions of each product
    - With the usual features of a shopping cart (automatically calculate total cost of products purchases etc

    - Also, is it possible for the plugin to automatically add in the cost of postage from the postage options given?

    Can anyone recommend me a wordpress plugin for the above, nothing too complicated please. I appreciate any help and comments. Thank you. :)

  2. parisgv
    Posted 9 years ago #

    im just looking for the SAME plugin... *bump*

  3. Truth
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I found the E-Commerce Lite rather good but it intergrates with Paypal and I have no idea how to disabled that feature. Does someone has any idea? Thanks :)

  4. paige594
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I use X-Cart. I suggest going to http://www.ecartstore.com, which is where I got mine. The owner, Nancy Andrews, is an expert at SEO, and she and her staff can answer all of your questions. It has all of the features that you want, it is very user-friendly, and extremely "SEO-friendly", if you will. Real powerful, real easy. I am just a novice, but even I can do this. Given the functionality plus the support and expertise, I don't think it can be beat.

  5. ladydelaluna
    Posted 9 years ago #

    FYI - Nancy is NOT an SEO expert - she's a link builder and nothing more. 873 backlinks to her golf site (and okay, MAYBE a SE friendly cart - haven't spent time looking at it) is how she got it so high - and trust me, eventually it's going to catch up with her.

    Besides, I wouldn't pay for a non-WP shopping cart like that. Not when there are so many good (free) plugins for WP.

    Edit - I just noticed that it's entirely possible that "Paige" is either Nancy or someone working for her... same exact website setups, just different content.

  6. Truth
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hmm.. thanks for the tip but I prefer to use those which is a WP plugins and yes, there are some plugins for it that is free so I won't resort to using paid ones.

  7. rscorbett
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Lady of the Moon,

    I respectfully disagree with your judgments about Nancy Andrews ("she's a link builder and nothing more"). I have engaged her as a consultant many times and have spent hours discussing most aspects of ecommerce, including SEO, with her. In fact, I would say that Nancy is not JUST an SEO expert, but also has expert knowledge of link building, conversion strategies, and marketing, and she is an all-around "expert" in building and running solid businesses. I have learned more from Nancy than from most of the so-called gurus running around.

    For the record, I love WordPress. But I haven't found anything that works as well as xcart out of the box for ecommerce stores that sell lots of products.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I will also say that I am a very satisfied customer of hers who uses her version of the hosted xcart shopping cart (see http://www.ecartstore.com). And one of the main reasons I use her service is that I know that she stands behind it and can answer ANY question I have--including those about SEO.

  8. davidchait
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Amazing how the two 'people' posting in support of 'ecartstore' have only a single post (this thread), and on their first day of WP.org account creation. hmmmm... are they really two people?

    Not to mention both their websites and ecartstore are down, and all three are registered via domainsbyproxy (DNS via ecartstore).

    Either way, certainly no biased opinions there... ;)

  9. rscorbett
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ahh... the pleasure of paranoia.
    I found this thread doing a search for "ecartstore" because I was trying to get in touch with Nancy and, yes, its server (which also hosts one of my sites, sleepytimestore) had crashed and I couldn't access the ecartstore site. Moon Lady's comment was so objectionable that I registered in order to refute it.
    I could only wish to be Nancy's double, or her proxy. She's much better looking than I am.
    But I am certainly biased toward Nancy's ecartstore because it makes me a lot of money. :)
    If you want to find me in "real life," check out my blog at babytalkblog.org. Please don't leave any ugly comments though--my mother reads it. ;)

  10. ItsYourCall
    Posted 9 years ago #

    The thing I like best about blogs is the free flow of information. The think I like least about blogs is people who speak negatively about folks they do not know and often subjects they haven't mastered.

    This is the Real McCoy, the real Nancy Andrews and I don't know who the 'ladydelaluna' or 'davidchait' are or why they give a hoot. I can tell you all that I know Paige and RSCorbett and they are mighty fine fellows (each are individual people - not the same person_. I'd think that even if they didn't host with ecartstore. :)

    Oh and for the eventual paranoids out there who are going to ask why I'm posting the same day as Paige and RSC, it's becuase one of them tipped me off to this blog and I was curious to I took a gander.

    As for my SEO prowess or lack thereof, who cares? I mean I'm not taking on any SEO students and I don't put myself out there as some guru doing the seminar circuits or selling ebooks. We do happen to have a site top of the search engines which obviously the 'moon lady' knows of because it's not ecartstore but she had the backlinks more or less right.

    But for those of you intrested, it's more than just backlinks, my friends. If it weren't we'd be bumped off by now. I mean anyone can get a run of site link from a high PR site. Right???? Come on, you know you can...

    And for 'Truth' your requirements are very basic and almost any shopping cart will do what you want it to. Ecartstore has a lot of horsepower on options and things (it's x-cart based with an SEO layer available) but it's not the easiest cart to learn. It's also not the cheapest. If you are starting out, go simple and cheap provided that you can keep all your catalog data and images in databases that are easy to export and, thus, portable to a more powerful platform (which also means more $$$) in the future.

    Good luck to you all...


  11. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Geez, people are jaded! Mr. Corbett is a customer, and we are helping Paige get started in the business.

    Funny thing how that nameserver thing works... when the site is hosted on our server they use our nameservers.. how odd.

    In order to get the top of Google, I guarantee that you need to know just a wee bit more about the SEs than how to get a link. Believe me Nancy is a very intelligent woman that knows a hell of a lot more about SEO than many of the people selling e-books, and keeps on learning.

    We know we aren’t “owed” a number one spot, and have fallen out of the #1 spot several times; the point is we keep coming back. You don’t do that by being a “One Trick Pony” or ignoring the ever changing SE landscape.

    As far as your e-commerce question; for Christ sake, go a buy a copy of x-cart or some other SUPPORTED shopping cart. An X-Cart license is for life, it has real support. If $185 is going to break the bank, you don’t have enough capital to start a business in the first place.

    Just so you understand I’m not trying to drum up business. We aren’t taking on new customers. We have a very small base of customers that we know personally that’s it.
    Thanks for trying to pitch us anyway (rcorbett and Paige).

    I just posted to defend my wife’s honor. (I’m so gallant)

    Bob (Nancy’s husband)

  12. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Opps, I guess Nancy can defend her own honor, but I knew that :)

  13. Nnyan
    Posted 9 years ago #

    There aren't too many of them and IMHO ecommerce lite is prob the best of them.

    Microshop http://redalt.com/wiki/MicroShop

    WPShop (still in dev) http://www.cregy.co.uk/2006/07/06/wp-shop-10/

    YAK http://www.bluebear.co.nz/log/products/yak-for-wordpress/

    Gallery2 comes with photoalbum and basic shopping cart features so it may be a viable option since its pretty easy to integrate.

  14. ladydelaluna
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Just a side note, to everyone who's come here to jump to Nancy's defense, as well as to post additional links...

    The thread is ASKING about WORDPRESS PLUGINS.

    Not asking for general ecommerce solutions.


    Not a "how many people can we get to back up someone else's product - that by the way, is neither free (as nearly all wordpress plugins are) nor supported from within the wordpress structure" forum.

    And incidentally, there are plenty of valid internet marketing and SEO companies out there that don't "push ebooks" or "teach classes". Many of which don't support the ideas of any of those kinds of people either.

    Just because you "get" nearly 1000 backlinks to your site doesn't make one an "SEO expert" - neither does having a "marketing strategy" make one an "SEO expert", nor does promoting an ecommerce system that's SEO friendly make one an "SEO expert".

    My issue was with the first person who posted saying that Nancy is an SEO expert... combined with all the other things noticed by other users, and the fact that it apparantly takes at minimum 3 additional people to come here and back someone up by posting additional links to her site, and take such offense as they have, leads me to believe that my first impression was correct.

  15. davidchait
    Posted 9 years ago #

    And just to defend myself... ;)

    When I see two brand new users on a forum (this is a forum btw, not a blog -- if you don't know the difference, you might want to learn it in your biz!), who register and post immediately to an ongoing thread (and not starting a new thread), and that's the only post they make, and they make it supporting/pushing a given product otherwise unrelated to the forum thread (that is, a 'simple cart plugin for wordpress'), I usually question the validity of those posts/accounts. That's not paranoia, that's experience. ;)

    Also, given how 'green' most users are, I find I pick up on such small details more than others -- and given the level of fly-by-night and phishing operations out there, I try to point out things to more novice users. Yep, every once in a blue moon I'm wrong, and they are really separate people.

    Even so, the fact a new-to-the-forum person shows up and posts about a commercial, and hosted, product that isn't related to WP, in a WP forum thread asking for a simple plugin for WP, would have sent up a red flag in my head, and should send it up in others. But, then adding to that, it's pretty bad when a SECOND new person comes into, 10 days after the last post to a thread and 'reiterates' the first new person's tangential "advice", RIGHT AFTER the OP (that's 'original poster' for non-forum folks) stated clearly that wasn't what was wanted:

    I prefer to use those which is a WP plugins and yes, there are some plugins for it that is free so I won't resort to using paid ones.

    I don't care if they are/were different people or not. Bad form to repeat an answer, after the thread has 'gone dry', that the OP made quite obvious wasn't desired.

    BACK ON TOPIC: Thanks to Nnyan for jumping in productively and adding names and links to some of the WP plugins that the OP might actually be looking for!

    There are obviously some pretty cool plugins around, would be interested to hear back from Truth (and stop, including myself!, the OT banter) as to what of those match/don't match and why. Others would be interested in both the 'evaluation' and even the developers need to hear feedback. ;)


  16. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    You're right this is a WP blog, and I love WP, but blogs are better suited to content than to product catalogs. I wouldn't buy a Porsche to haul lumber. I’d probably something designed to haul cargo.

    I can't argue your logic about Nancy.

    How absurd to think someone would know anything about SEO that got to the number one position in less than a year(when the site was a Yahoo store, it moved to xcart in Nov), and has held #1 through several algorithm changes. Especially since everybody with 1000 links is #1 for their main keyword phrase. Right?

    Did Nancy wrong you in a different life?

  17. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'll stop now. I couldn't help myself.

  18. ladydelaluna
    Posted 9 years ago #

    In an attempt to once again veer this discussion back to the original topic - (as well as to avoid saying something I shouldn't) I won't justify your question with an answer.

  19. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Fair enough.

    I do have on caveat on using WP for e-commerce. If you selling a single product (say an information product) WP would work fine for e-commerce. It’s just that when you get into even 5 to 10 products; managing inventory, shipping costs, order status, product options, returns, credits, accounting, etc. can get to be a royal pain unless you have a cart to help you manage your business.

    There are lots of good carts on the market, and you can attach a WP blog to any cart.(even Yahoo store).

  20. ladydelaluna
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Once again - the TOPIC ON HAND is a request for a WORDPRESS PLUGIN SHOPPING CART.

    Not an external one to be integrated.
    Not an external one NOT to be integrated.

    But a plugin. That works INSIDE wordpress. And a FREE one at that, also stated by the original poster.

    Hijacking this thread as you and your "customers" have done is not only unprofessional, but shows that you don't give a hoot about what the person making this request wanted, you just want to push your own, or your own type, of products.

    This is not a "blog" - it's a support forum for WordPress.
    Please stop taking everything to another topic.

  21. golfguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    excuse me. I already said we are not taking on clients. I'm not selling anything.

    I was expressing an opinion.

  22. nolongeractive
    Posted 9 years ago #

    In response to the features requested by the original poster, I believe YAK (mentioned earlier) satisfies some of the requirements, but not all off them.

    YAK associates a post with a product, so if you categorise your posts you consequently categorise your products. "Out of Stock" messages are supported, as are setting quantities, and the automatic calculation of costs. Comments are obviously supported as a natural part of WP posts, and I guess there are other plugins out there you could use for ratings.

    However, the selection of colours is not supported, nor are alternative shipping options -- at the moment shipping is a particular area which needs some work.

    Not sure this is helpful to the original poster given it's a bit late after the original message, but hopefully may be of use to anyone else with the same criteria.

  23. ladydelaluna
    Posted 9 years ago #

    jrbriggs - thank you for your insight - i may be interested in using that one myself for a few clients in the future.

  24. craigchilds
    Posted 9 years ago #

    i had fun reading this one. i find forums have trouble staying on point.

    Yak is looking very promising. I like the fact I can use posts as products. This is going to become very versatile. One thing I'm going to need to iron out is altering contact information of buyers ; adding email and an extra text field.

    Otherwise a breeze to integrate.

    A thanks to those who contributed constructively.

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