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    For a reason unknown to me, firefox resizes the image so it fits nicely… but IE just breaks the div… and for the same unknown reason, people still use IE. I would LIKE IE to resize like firefox does… if nothing else, i would like IE to widen the div…. I know that i can just photoshop the graphic smaller (which i did on my live site ( but I’ll be in central america soon and won’t have the photoshop option…
    suggestions? comments?

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  • I can’t load your page ……

    works fine for me and my friends on msn… try again, perhaps i was uploading something

    Why not resize the image so it actually fits? Or give the image tag a width and height appropriate to the width of your content?

    It looks just fine here in IE6.
    I guess you are using 5.5 ? If so, Michael was working on a fix I believe.

    i’m on 6.0 are you sure you’re looking at

    Wrong url …
    The img src does not contain any size information. Have you tried putting that in ?

    I agree … in FF it looks a tad squashed which a half-decent graphics editor would sort.
    Freeware, damn good 🙂 is the url i want you to look at. is my live server and i resized the image there.
    Beel, the simple bandaid is to resize the image, which i did. It doesn’t solve the problem though… Plus, i will be in central america for four months without a laptop or photoshop… so if there’s an image (photo’s) i want to paste, i will NOT be able to resize them…

    Just add height and width attributes to the img tag, that will fix it.

    You could try a good ol’ php solution using the gd class, it would allow you to create something which checks the image and, if over a certain size, automatically generate a copy to the correct (maximum) size.
    Try look over at


    You site is down right now, so I can’t check it out, but I think I’ve got a pretty solid idea of what’s going on.
    Reason that Firefox squashes the image and Internet Explorer doesn’t: When I wrote Kubrick, I decided to add max-width, a CSS property, which IE doesn’t support, but which makes life easier for users of ‘modern browsers’.
    The reason I did this, was a preemptive strike of sorts. I use it on my own site as well.
    It has caused a bit of confusion with people who don’t know CSS all that well, which is of course unfortunate. For this reason I’ll reconsider its inclusion in the future.
    Regardless of this, you should never post images that are large than the width of the column in which they reside (in Kubrick’s case 450px), unless you know what you’re doing. In variably it’ll end up causing you layout problems.
    My best suggestion, if you aren’t interested in resizing your images, is to bring up a calculator and add style=”width: 450px; height: xxxpx;”, in which xxx is the calculated height of the image.
    It won’t look too good though, as most browsers suck at resizing images without making them look grainy.

    Have you tried this:
    style=”width: 100%; height: auto;
    It’ll resize any image to fit the column while keeping them in proportion without having to worry about each individual image.
    Still probably best to resize your images in photoshop though

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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