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  • Do image rollovers work on everything for IE? For example, what I want to do is this:

    Make the header block and text to change colour on hover, not just the blog title, but the entire block.

    I would like the same effect when hover over the links as well as the post. So that the entire block for that post will create the hover effect and be clickable.

    I know the onclick jiggery pokery so I could make the entire header clickable, which is what I want, but I also want all of it to change on hover. Now I understand IE won’t do this, so can I use images to recreate the effect if hover is not available?

    Hope someone can make sense of what I’m trying to do.


    a:hover {
    background: #fff;
    display: block;

    for example work to make all links display with a white background which covers the length of the block?

    Thanks in advance

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  • What I did was expand the link so it was exactly the same size as the background. You are right on the money : you need display block and then carry on as normal.

    Interesting – did you also keep the link text? see I want to keep the actual text – which refers to the domain, and then have both the text and the header block as the link – so whether they click ont eh text or the header itself it’s all one big link. The above should be on the right track then?

    Cheers Root

    Sure. You can keep whatever. I went to step two with the text indent hoodickie. I will prolly get banned by Google or something but heck; I have a nice header. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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