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  • hi everyone

    as my existing web hosting company – InMotion Hosting – is harassing me because they are lacking resources in addition to not-so-qualified system administrators, I’m looking for a new web hosting services. ( )

    Any suggestions on a hosting company that do not falsely accuses WordPress installation for so called “high CPU/ Memory Usage due to MYSQL” is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a million in advance.

    – TechLuver

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    I’ve used bluehost for the last 4 months, have never had a problem and there customer service has been great so far.

    Sorry i cant compare them to anyone else as they are the only hosts I’ve used.

    I also use bluehost. No complaints so far and they’ve been helpful every time that I’ve called to ask them a stupid question. I’m a very happy customer.

    I strongly believe that Bluehost Hosting is a fake hosting company…
    In the near the begining of May, I visit to find a suggested hosting site for wordpresshosting. I select Blue Host as the hosting company. Then go their site and buy a domain and a one year hosting. 2-3 days later I go their site to install wordpress as it is written as one click installation. But I couldnt sign in the hosting part. I try to connect from web several times and unfortunately didnt recieve any response from them. Then I call them from Istanbul and they said they didnt verify me yet. And after several calls I see that they couldnt verify me. I am working with 4-5 comanies wordwide. Last I buyy an account from venatoria hosting, they gently call me and verify my account. And also other hosting companies also do that.
    But Blue Host somehow not able to do that. After several calls I give up and ask to cancel my account. They say that, ok we can do that. And someone on billing department Namely “Katie” (????) mail me and say me tat they will charge my money back. But not it is 23 May and I didnt recieve my money back. I several times try to call them but no one answer my phone. Nobody also response my emails.
    I dodnt want anybody to lose their money. That amount of money isnot important for me but I lost very much time.
    So for a long story shorter, if you dont want to lose money and time , dont use Blue Host.
    By the way on the control panel there is no easy way of installing wordpress. One click wordpress installation is also a fake like the company.

    I don’t know anything about bluehost specifically, but I’ve found that quite a number of hosts treat international customers with contempt.

    … as if the only people who have the birthright to be hosted have US contact addresses.

    I use a very good EUROPEAN hosting company..
    No bandwidth limits, no space limits, no restrictions for wordpress, .htaccess rights, Linux , windows, combined, php 4, 5 Mysql qith MyAdmin mulilanguage …
    Graet support via web interface, fast , correct.
    been working with them for 6 years now .

    Any suggestions on a hosting company that do not falsely accuses WordPress installation for so called “high CPU/ Memory Usage due to MYSQL” is greatly appreciated.

    After my second experience of being “frozen out” by a local hosting company am not so sure the issue is a false one.

    For way too much information on WP CPU usage and some helpful (if you have the fortitude to go through the comments) ideas on various cache implementations, you might want to go here:

    that being said, am also looking for a hosting company…

    Though I am sorry about the above mentioned experience with Bluehost, I and several of my friends have been hosted with them for quite some time now. My friend is a HUGE fan of WordPress and manages over 20 WordPress sites with Bluehost, with different themes, plugins, etc., and they all run smoothly. While I have never had any difficulty logging into my Bluehost account myself, I am aware of others who have had troubles. In every case, they were able to call Bluehost and find a resolution. No matter which hosting company someone hosts with, SOMEONE is bound to complain sooner or later, but I have found Bluehost very reliable and would recommend them to anyone.



    Try It is good one.

    I too am considering if I need a new host for my WordPress site. It is not a huge site and it doesn’t get tons of traffic, but I keep running into trouble with high CPU usage that WordPress and/or its plugins seems to use.

    A few questions…

    1. Have you found WordPress and/or the WordPress plugins to be a CPU hog?

    2. What is the normal amount of CPU usage to look for when choosing a host for a WordPress site?

    3. What have you found to be the normal CPU usage for most WordPress sites?

    4. Do you have any clue as to which WordPress plugins use the most CPUs?

    I have a shared host account with 4.5% CPU usage, but my WordPress site keeps using more than this amount. I use to recommend WordPress to people wanting to start a new website, but now I am wondering it they too will run in to the same problem with high CPU usage.

    l would go with because wp hosting is very fast and wordpress sites never slows down, so happy with it.

    You’re welcome to take a look at our services for WordPress Hosting.

    But let me see if I can add some to the conversation here…

    First BlueHost, even through they are our competitor, is a real hosting company – I wouldn’t take that away from them. One of our customers did have issues with them though. You can read her testimonial from our site’s sidebar when you click on a link like our blog or some other page.
    She had the same issue with them – CPU overages and they locked her out from her site.

    Here’s the thing, though. Shared hosting is a starting point for website owners and bloggers. It’s inexpensive and easy. But when your site gains more traffic and starts causing a load on the server you are on, it’s time to move up to other hosting options.

    Look at it like this. If my site started receiving tons of traffic and started taking up 30% of the CPU time, your website (if hosted on the same server) would start running very slow because it has to wait for my site which is hogging up all the server’s resources. Now imagine if there were 300 websites all hosted on the same server all requesting tons of CPU time, no one’s site would load quickly – no matter what caching program you use.

    So this process of monitoring and limiting CPU usage is a protection for you from other sites ruining your blog’s performance.

    If your site is consistently going above say about 5% CPU time, it might be time to look into Virtual Dedicated hosting. You’ll get more CPU time and resources. It’s more expensive, I know, but shared hosting has its limits.

    1. Not sure about which plugins work slow, but I do know if you use too many it will slow things down. Many people use the FeedBurner and Google Analytics plugins. Those aren’t really necessary as you can easily paste in the correct code without a plugin.

    2. Most hosting companies start around 4% or so. Our company doesn’t put a limit on it, however, we monitor for problems and then notify people if issues with the server start to arise.

    3. That’s impossible to answer as everyone’s site is different. For example, you might not have tons of traffic but perhaps you have tons of streaming video hosted on your site. If you get too many people streaming video all at once, that could put you over. As an example though, one of my blog articles hit the front page of on a Saturday night and my CPU usage went up to 5.5% for a few days as my traffic spiked. If you have a blog with just a few commentators, you might be looking around .4 – 1%. But again, hard to tell because it depends on a lot of things.

    4. See #1.

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