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    Hey there, I am setting up an e-commerce setup for a local printshop and need some suggestions. Currently I am running WP E-Commerce and have been able to modify this to where a user can upload an image and it be sent to with the payment info to the admin. The problem I am having with the WP-Ecommerce plugin modifications is it is not very ‘responsive’ for the IOS Platform, I am looking for suggestions on a work around plugin or a way to make the upload button enabled for Iphones, Ipads, etc. Anyone know of any suggestions/plugins or modifications or tutorials I can get some assistance from?

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  • shirazdrum


    WordPress is a very poor platform to run an e-commerce site, even with all the plugins that claim that they are the best. I find most of these e-commerce plugins very poorly written, with codes that only make sence to monkeys and they have tried to build upon a foundation that has no relation to eCommerce.

    My opinion is to ditch WP and look elsewhere for your needs. Go with opensource software like Opencart, at least you know that the foundation is right.



    Thanks for your reply, and most importantly your suggestion! Unfortunately this is not something my client is willing to negotiate on since the site is built and store is setup, everything is perfect for everything other than IOS platforms which from what I have been reading do not support the html form upload so I am looking for some sort of work around or suggestions on this



    Just out of curiosity, why is there a need for uploading files from mobil devices?



    Print shop that puts your photos on canvas, its an ecommerce site that will be linked with the app when that becomes available but they want this workable in the meantime. So ideally someone goes to their site, selects the canvas size, then uploads their image and proceed with checkout. Everything works except the upload form specifically on ios.

    Hello DesignLoud,

    I am trying to build a similar site. Can you please let me know which plugins did you use in building this website ?

    Thank you very much and I appreciate your feedback.

    Really it is just WP-Ecommerce, and I had to modify the plugins checkout page page to include a basic upload form.. As for the IOS workaround, You should not need to worry about that for much longer because they are releasing an updated that will have the ‘broken’ browse button functioning. So if they haven’t already released it then I know they plan to this fall. But the upload feature is pretty much your basic html upload form and then include it in the email.

    **If you want to keep it really simple you can just do a redirect to yousendit after the checkout has been completed, then redirect to your thank you page once yousendit has been completed, even add it as an iframe within your site so you can still have your branding but this will keep you from having to edit any of the plugin files and risk losing your work on future updates

    Or you could use the hooks/filters from WPEcommerce and just hook it in your themes functions file, that would also keep you from losing your work in future plugin updates

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Do you do any live previews to the uploaded images bases on frame or effect selection ?

    Thanks once again.

    P.S : This is more for a canvas to print site I have in mind.

    I would if it were my site, but no, my client didnt want that option.. You could prob accomplish that with some jquery and some effects on a png image. Or check code canyon to see if they have a script you could work with. The company sends proofs to the customers according to what options they select or what comments they leave, you may just want to do that.

    Either way good luck! Sounds like a good idea!

    Another work around could be to use photobucket or something similar to add their own effects, then they could link you to the image and you could proof them on the frame. Photobucket may even have an affiliate program you could benefit from..

    Thank you very much DesignLoud for your prompt feedback. I never knew people on this forum were so helpful or else I would have been here more often haha. I really appreciate all your help.

    My client basically wants something like this

    or this

    and I have worked on wordpress a lot, but never directly this kind of applications. I am more higher ed field. 🙂

    jayvars, those are very nice examples. Did you ever find out what type of back end (or theme) those sites are using? Are those wordpress sites or custom javascript sites?


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