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  • Congratulations on reaching the one year mark! Your blog looks very polished and professional, but of course any website can be better. Here are a few thoughts.

    1. Your blog’s tagline, “Learn How To Start Blogging, How To Create A Blog And Blogging Tips To Make Your Blog Stand Out.”, is too long. You want it to be a short phrase that really sticks in people’s minds.

    2. Your permalinks could be shorter. The longer a URL is, the less likely people are to remember it, and the less likely they are to share it with others. For example:

    Could be shortened to:

    3. There are tons of blogs talking about “How To Run A Blog”. Forgive my bluntness, but why should people choose your site?

    You could try to be “the best” at this subject, and that’s completely possible, but also very difficult. You’ll be fighting against huge names like ProBlogger, you’ll have to be incredible to reach significant traffic levels.

    I would suggest finding a niche sub-topic within your topic. For example, you could blog about “How Authors Can Run A Blog” or “How Cartoonists Can Run A Blog”. Something to separate you from the pack.

    Anyway, just one man’s opinion. I hope you have many more years of successful blogging.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Never write normal words in capital letters. Users with screen readers will hear each letter individually. Use CSS text transform instead.

    I think you did a great work on your website.
    Even discovered some plugins i had forgot about.
    And it would be very help full to beginners.
    So i hope you can get it out to them.
    May bee keep what is most important for beginners
    on the front page. well just an idea.
    Andrew has a good point in finding a niche
    to your website.
    Its nice and easy to be on your website
    so thumb up good work.
    And good luck

    @ Odai,
    Thanks for your detailed suggestions.
    Every points you have suggested are very precious. Improving tag line, shortening permalinks and narrowing niche. I’ll surely work on these factors. Also I want to change the domain name and switch to short and easy to remember domain name.

    You have suggested what I was looking for. Once again thanks Odai.

    @andrew, Yes I will keep in mind text transform. Thanks for taking time to review my blog.

    @renols, Thanks for your suggestion and best wishes. I am glad that you like my work.

    Once again thanks to Odai, Andrew and Renols.

    Any other suggestions are also welcome.

    A new domain name is an excellent idea – it will allow for shorter permalinks, and if you narrow your niche, you’ll need a more relevant name.

    Remember to redirect your old site to the new one, using 301 redirects.

    Andrew, the CSS text transform was an excellent suggestion, and I wasn’t aware of that.

    Hello Odai,
    I was also not aware of css text transform.
    I’ll sure keep in mind to use 301 redirects.
    Thank you Odai.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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