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  • Hi!

    I have just purchased a new domain and hosting for my wordpress blog so I can customise the theme. I have just a downloaded template there at the moment, but want to spend some time creating a custom theme.

    My blog is to do with Web Design and my love of the culinary arts, with a bit of my own ramblings in there as well.

    I am a little stuck for inspiration though, so was wondering if anyone could suggest some inspirational sites for me with a similar content to look at or just some ideas as to what I can do to it?

    My blog at the moment is


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  • I had posted with my new theme a while back and im a designer, however I have just been changing it around and updating it and working on it as I go along. It is live to so I need to sorted this week. but it should give you some ideas its a similar layout to your theme

    failing that go to :


    hey stacey just took another look at the link and I think you should do something with that image you have on there of the city? Some dark retro backgroud using that and then some floating box tabs or something for content.

    Yeah i know, its horrible. Put a downloaded theme on it, but really dont like it. Just trying to find a nice basic theme to start with then customise it. May just stick sandbox up there and work from that.

    i build mine as a static site and then chop it up into the parts wordpress needs, thats how i do mine anyway. you got any thoughts at all on your layout?

    Not really… I am backpacking at the moment (working for a few months in Dublin doing web design) but dont have a computer at home to do a mockup in photoshop, or even dreamweaver to make my life easier! So I just want to get something up there that is really nice and clean, and then build on it when I get home in Jan. I do really like the monochromatic themes – either really dark, or pure white with really nice typogaphy and good photography. Or a really nice textured background like (love his work!).

    Not really sure, but thought this forum would be a good way to get a few ideas off people and see what people can do with the software.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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