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  • I’m just trying out the new beta of 3.5. Looking really good! However I got a bit confused when first arriving at the new media gallery. Thinking that a few small edits could perhaps shave off a few milliseconds of user confusion.

    This is the screen I see:

    And here my few small editions:

    Main things I have done:
    * The image data that can’t be edited – move that out of the way for the user. In this fast mockup I just moved it to another box to the right under the save-button.
    * The URL to the image is attached to the image more (a bit ugly in my fast mockup). Not common maybe but I use this a lot when linking instead of opening the gallery and “Insert into post”. Plus this is information about the image, but something that doesn’t fit in the box I just moved to the right. (Maybe a label here before the URL could help as well).
    * The Caption and Alt almost got lost down at the bottom. Thinking everyone is always (well, should) editing these. So move them closer to the image/attachment. But moving them out of that gray box might not be the best way, I’m just testing out here =P
    * The box for Page Content was a big ? for me. I had to test it first. Thought it was HTML first, and well yeah just confusing. Could it be moved for itself? Or at least have it’s own label (like Caption has) with just a tiny bit more info?

    So, there’s a few of my first ideas when testing that page in the new admin for 3.5 beta 1.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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