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  • Hi Daniel,

    I’ve beens using wour plugin for a long time and I even helpped you to debug some issues in the past.

    I would like you to consider two functions, that may help users:

    – allow definition of number of columns
    – allow possibility to paginate output (my website as more 1200 posts and a-z-listing creates a very long output).

    Best regards
    A Jorge

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 The number of columns is currently dependant upon the width of the columns rather than automatically sizing them. I’ll do some investigations to see whether I can come up with a better way along the lines you suggest.

    Pagination is a difficult one that I’ve been putting-off because of the complexity. Other people have also suggested this – I still need to think through how to achieve it. 🙂

    Hi Daniel,

    Just a thought… What about instead of pagination the index is broken into sections that are displayed on different pages i.e. A-E, F-J etc.?

    I am not a coder so I have no idea if this would be easier to implement than pagination or even feasible.

    I love this plugin – it’s quite brilliant and somehow it manages to output the 3000+ posts on my site quickly and elegantly in a single column setup.

    Thanks again,


    Hi @diddledan – since this post has a title which is somewhat relevant, I like this plugin too and have it on a couple of sites 🙂

    In both cases, we’re sorting custom taxonomies, where the terms are names of humans (firstname lastname). I’m looking to Aphabetically sort by last name (second word in our list).

    I am aware of the way to edit to get this done – wondered if you’d be interested in a PR / update to your plugin for this to be an option?!

    Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    Hi, @robscott.

    I do actually have names working (mostly – I’ve had a bug report about sorting within a single letter section is not respecting the surname order) in an extension that I have, as of last week started selling at to try to help fund the development of this plugin. The idea is that the plugin is fully functional as is, and is customisable out of the box, while I will endeavour to provide packaged solutions for common use cases for a small fee that should be justified by the convenience of having it pre-built for you.

    Don’t feel obliged to immediately head to my site in order to purchase it though; I don’t want this post to come across as a sales pitch. If you have an implementation already, please be comfortable with continuing to use it – there’s no reason to rip a solution out if it’s already built 🙂 (However, do bear in mind that changes directly to the plugin’s files will be overwritten if you let WordPress update it to a newer version if/when I release one.)

    I hope this makes sense..



    Hi @diddledan,

    No that’s all good – I like that you’re monetising your plugin in this way, it’s a good way to sustainably develop what is already a useful tool.

    Good luck with adding premium features – will probably get a licence in the future on behalf of a client when the need arises 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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