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    • Home page – I don’t understand what I can click and what I can’t, within the slider. Perhaps these images need be represented as images more, perhaps with a white fade.
    • Again within the rest of the page, hyperlinks are the same colour as titles, therefore I don’t know which are which. I am frustrated when I click on green titles that aren’t links.
    • Home page – The titles, ‘Digital Online’, ‘Logo Design’ and ‘Blog & Updates’ affect accessibility and SEO as no text is used. You use text and indent it off-screen, as you have with other elements.
    • The footer information, “THE LEADING WEBSITE DESIGN, SEO, LOGO & GRAPHICS DESIGN IN CINCINNATI” is actually capitalised, which affects accessibility as screen readers will read this sentence letter-by-letter. Instead, you can use CSS text-transform: uppercase and use lower case letters in the HTML.
    • The colour scheme is very dark.
    • The footer uses an image for the phone number, which again can’t be read by users with screen readers.
    • Our Work pages’ images don’t have alt text, which flaws Accessibility.
    • Is a large banner necessary for the Contact page?
    • Your website claims to be valid XHTML but contains 8 errors

    Add conversion elements (phone and info email) with a clear call to action at the top of every page. ie, Call Today for a Free Consultation. Most visitors will not look around for this info and will just leave if it is difficult to find.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions guys! but @andrew Nevins what do mean the work pages images don’t have alt text? The images there have alt text already. What specifically image that you are referring for?

    on the our-work page, the images have an empty alt tag (web design, identity, print and seo)

    It might be worth having a look at optimizing the load speed, even if just for the home page.

    1.4mb of images on the homepage, maybe try compression or css sprites?

    Thanks for the additional suggestions atmd!very helpful! 🙂



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    on the our-work page, the images have an empty alt tag (web design, identity, print and seo)

    And that’s fine – as longs as:
    – the images don’t act as a link
    – the images do not contain information that is not available elsewhere on the page

    Hi Guys!

    We already added some of the suggestions you have stated here. Also, we added a social media share plugin in the sidebar. I want to ask if it’s okay to include it?


    I wish I knew where to look for info on how to easily add alt txt to all the images on my site.. think it would help with seo! This guys page seems to be down… at least it is for me!

    Chris Olbekson


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    Here are some of the design issues I see:

    • The layout is not symmetric.
    • Font spacing and line heights are not right.
    • Images are out of alignment with text.
    • The drop-down menu buttons are not properly spaced.
    • That big social media block is totally out of place and completely clashes with the rest of the site.
    • Your image selections are dated and have been around on stock photo sites for years.
      Your full width blog pages look pretty good but I think most of your problems are on the home page and main content pages.

    Thanks Chris! very helpful!

    By the way, do you have more suggestions for on-page seo optimization guys? How bout the homepage content, is it enough?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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