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Suggestions for my design?!

  • Hello all,

    I would like to reach out for some help with my website please…

    Perhaps I need to change the template, but I feel it doesn’t have a professional feel and it needs improvement…. It’s been suggested I could increase readability of text and entice the user? Could anyone give me some ideas please?



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  • Sorry, I better place my link…


    I’m not a professional by any means, but as a new viewer, it looks a little jumbled at the top right. My eye can’t really focus in on your content with busy look at the top. Otherwise, I like your design! Good luck! [Advertisement removed, if you want feedback, ask-so in your own thread] . I’m a newbie also with designing my blog.

    Hi Angela,

    I’ve had a little play around with the top sections of the website, ending at that little figure just below “Dedicated yourself to continuous…” [screenshot].

    – So, all I’ve done is made text:
    — Line up,
    — Use consistent colours
    — Use consistent sizes

    – Made buttons the colour of your top navigation links.

    – Made the banner, “You are the artist for your life” span a larger width.

    – Made input fields consistent & removed borders.

    – Styled quotes to stand out more without compromising font consistency.

    – Maybe other little bits I’ve forgotten to say.

    You could grab another theme if you want to, but most of your styling seems to come from inline styles. From posts? If so, switching themes probably won’t matter, because those inline styles will override any of the theme’s styles.

    First of all to both of you – Thank you!

    Culturew thanks for your feedback i really appreciate what everyone has to say and now I’m going t start working on my changes…

    Andrew, that’s amazing! It’s heaps better – wow! but how can i achieve all of this??? It’s made such a difference… Wow – thanks!

    Hi Eande,

    First start with removing the font sizes, colours and alignment from your posts. Otherwise coding any new styles will be very difficult.



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    [Off topic – yes, that was very nice of you, AN 🙂 – and it does look super! ]

    OK, I’ve think I’ve changed every single post now…

    Sorry, I probably wasn’t very clear.
    For the Home page, can you also remove the different font sizes, colours and alignment of the text?

    Ah, Ok. I’ve just done that!

    Very gud designing…

    thank you, any ideas to change it so it can look anything like the above screenshot?

    Hi again Angela,

    I recommend first creating a thread in the Themes and Templates forum that addresses this issue, “How to remove inline styles from this page http://evolveandexpress.com/home/“.

    OK I will do, I’m not quite sure what you mean by removing inine styles, I’ve already removed my own styling (i think) I’ll post now

    There are still some inline styles in your Home page that is centring the text, giving it different colours and font families. That’s going to stop you from adding any new styling.

    Thanks 🙂
    I think I’ve got it now, do you also mean to change my widgets in the side bar… I think I’ve done what you suggested, I can’t see anymore colours in the text….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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