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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the “urgent” in my headline. I’ve taken on a job for a friend with a very tight deadline, and I really want to get this project up and running ASAP. Here’s the deal:

    He’s leaving during the second week of April for a 6-month hike. He’s kept it a complete secret up until about a week ago. He’s filming a documentary while on the trip, and a lot of people want to keep up with his progress. I offered a blog & hosting while he was gone, and he graciously accepted. Since I only have about a month to set everything up and test it, I don’t have much time.

    He’s been sponsored by a solar gear company and a GPS outfitter. He’ll be posting from the trail by cell phone. That part’s easy, since it’s already built into WordPress. What I really want to do is use worldKit (or something similar) for a map on the front page that will update his progress and link to entries from points on the map.

    I’m not looking for specific instructions in this post (but they won’t be turned away, of course 🙂 )…I’m just looking for some suggestions of what I can use to implement this functionality into the site. I’ve done some simple searches on this site and on Google, and will continue to do so. But with such limited time, I’m reaching out for some first-hand suggestions.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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  • I would suggest that you look at this page:

    and in particular the “Travel Mapping” – there may be people there better able to help with the mapping ?
    When it comes to needing any post / geo data though, that is certainly our job to help you out with 🙂



    There is also indyjunior: though its maps are less detailed than worldkit’s.



    Awesome, guys…thanks for the input.

    I’d already taken a look at the worldKit examples page, thanks for the link though…I especially liked the maps that Scott Haefner used on his Kite Aerial Photography page. Simple, no clutter, easy to view. That’s just aesthetics though, not to be concerned with at this point.

    If anyone has any more info, please keep it coming! Thanks again…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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