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  • I have a small announcement to make. I am going to have a couple of weeks of free time, beginning next week, and would like to work on some code, both WP related and otherwise. Does anyone from the WP community have a need for a significant hack or feature they would really like to have fulfilled? I guess this post could become a double edged sword for me, so please make requests within the realms of possibility, but if you have some feature in mind which is lacking in the present incarnation of WP, post it on here. I will try to pick the ones I know I can accomplish and others can chip in as and when they would like to. This brainstorm session could also serve as a melting pot for future WP development, if the dev team so chooses.
    Thanks and Peace.

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  • Links have categories, but to date I have found no way of displaying them in their categories. I have News, Misc and Photography links all jumbled up in one big list, it would be nice to be able to print it out in a sectioned list, with category headings.
    If this is possible already, I’d love to know how it’s done, if not, get it in there!

    concerning threaded comments: yes, this is a feature I would like to see to be added. I do not have the time right at the moment to port the threading for comments I did within a php class i once wrote –> but if someone starts doing threaded comments for WP he or she might wish to look how my implementation worked.

    another vote for threaded comments…

    Opera rules, everyone should try it for a month. Forget IE, they don’t follow standards.
    Has anyone tried the clickable smilies on the user posting page yet? Those were never very clickable in opera tho.
    How about send/print this page hacks? Auto convert friends names to links? I’d also like to see some hacks so only people over level x can change the options for ping/passworded post/comments too. Some people see all these options and get confused.

    you could always restructure wordpress so that the index.php installs in the root and the wordpress files run in a subfolder…
    *wishful thinking*

    4) LJUpdate – Got it Sushubh 😛
    if you mean i have recieved that in my mail or something. then nope. 😛
    if u mean u understand what I want, then its alright. I will wait. 🙂

    Comments for links. For the love of God, comments for links!!

    what about a real support for multiple blogs?

    what is: real support for multiple blog?
    Posting to multiple blog?
    Running multiple blog from same installation?

    running multiple blogs from the same installation. without having to hack the templates. and most important having an admin area which supports multiple blog (like MT)

    How about a Nuclear Moose-proof way of setting up your templates to only display one category of posts per page with an auto-navigation generator to make CSS links to each category page?

    Oh, here’s another one…a style switcher so that you can allow your readers to change the look of the site themselves. Check out Sara’s excellent choices at and you can see “blog skinning” at work!




    2) Link This – I have been missing this as well. I will have to look at the code for the link manager, but that is a good choice for me.

    — doesnt’t this already exist? In the Link Manager, aaaaaaaaall the way down at the bottom. There is a “Link This” link that I jsut dragged to my bookmark toobar…. I’ve been using for a few days now and it works great.
    That reminds me. I am going to hack the admin page to put the “Blog This!” link right on there so it can be easily dragged to the bookmarks. I’ll post the chanes I made when I get it done.

    TechGnome, you know there’s a “blog this” link already on the profile page, right?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)
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