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  • I have a small announcement to make. I am going to have a couple of weeks of free time, beginning next week, and would like to work on some code, both WP related and otherwise. Does anyone from the WP community have a need for a significant hack or feature they would really like to have fulfilled? I guess this post could become a double edged sword for me, so please make requests within the realms of possibility, but if you have some feature in mind which is lacking in the present incarnation of WP, post it on here. I will try to pick the ones I know I can accomplish and others can chip in as and when they would like to. This brainstorm session could also serve as a melting pot for future WP development, if the dev team so chooses.
    Thanks and Peace.

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  • b2stats! 🙂

    Well, the only feature of Blogger that I don’t have it a “Blog This” link. I have the WP Sidebar, but in Blogger, the link would automatically pick up the title from the site, as well as the address and start a blog session.
    The ability to change the author of a post would be nice…. I had a post I had to do three times because I kept posting it under the wrong login…..
    Uh, let’s see…. what else…..
    I’m sure there’s more… will add more later…

    I have a LINK IT! bookmarklet that works for WP. It’s a FB/Mozilla one…but it’s great.

    This is darn nice of you, Mark. I just wish that I had more experience with WP to even know what to ask for! 🙂 I guess one thing I can think of is a script to add a current web site / blog to my LINKS menu on my blog. Maybe even a LINKS Manager to create custom setups for the menu? It would create the code to visually organize the links automagically by their assigned category. Right now I assume I would have to do this manually.
    Wow, once you start thinking, other stuff comes flooding in…how about a navigation builder that will build pages by category and you can have a link system to navigate to them automagically? 🙂 It’s all magic, when a coding wizard grabs hold of it and makes it come true, right?
    How about an application to auto-dial and order pizza from Domino’s? LOL.
    Okay, I have nothing more…I’ll shut up and let the next person come up with something reasonable.


    b2stats works fine for me, I only had to change one or two things… check it out

    Fair enough, but what were the ‘one or two things’ you had to change? 🙂

    Okay, I didn’t really pay attn when I did it the first time but I was able to do it again. Just replace….
    // Start Connect To MYSQL
    // Start Connect To MYSQL

    Thanks Armitage, got it working (although it’s mighty un-purty. :))
    Just a note…it should be

    would a “threaded comments” be possible?

    Armitage–> Looks like we have another Opera fan here…
    Good for the alternative browser movement…

    Yes, I agree with labellissima, I’d love to have threaded comments!

    NM wrote

    I have a LINK IT! bookmarklet that works for WP. It’s a FB/Mozilla one…but it’s great.

    Hrm… I have that too… but it just adds the page to my Links list….. I was thinking more along the lines of the b2sidebar.php page, but would already have the title filled in with the page title, the title of the page already hyper linked in, and possibly have the URI pre-filled with the page’s address…..
    Hrm….. I wonder if I can use the Blogger version as a spring board……
    [TG wanders off to go try a couple of experiments]… will post results…

    Yeah threaded comment as in LJ will be awesome.
    Really makes following the comments awesome.
    Also, the possibility of people (who comment) getting mails on further comments on their comments will be good. Again as in LJ.

    Hey, hey!
    I got the “Blog This!” bookmarklet thingie working the way I wanted!
    Any one who is interested can find the details here on my site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 60 total)
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