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  • Gutenberg has many serious design flaws. This is not just a bickering from an old user; I think there are some extremely serious design flaws that are objectively bad. Let me just list down a few things that I noticed while using WordPress for the past few hours.

    1. Logo size is not adjustable from Customization editor. Even worse, size of the logo that is displayed from the uploaded logo is not even the same as the size of the original image so that even when I manually adjust the image size and upload it, it displays in an unintended scale. Anyone familiar with common document editor is aware that image sizes are usually adjustable by hovering mouse over corners of images.

    2. In the default blog page created for me, it was entirely not clear how to remove certain elements using the Customization editor. There was a giant picture that covered the blog content that I wanted to remove, which was gone only after I switched to the blank theme, which also seemed to have taken a few minutes to switch (I kept clicking on Change Theme and it refused).

    3. In the creation of actual blog posts, font size and line spacings cannot be changed. Even Google Docs allows that. This causes real problems like not allowing titles that spill over slightly into the second line to be adjusted into two lines of roughly equal size, or even just having a larger font in the middle of your blog post to indicate a section or emphasize a point.

    4. Gutenberg operates on modular block elements, and having some sort of mini-editor to pop up when editing each block is quite distracting. The mini editors also have a lot of features pointlessly compactified; changing alignment to center requires two button clicks instead of one, seemingly because the designers wanted to make the editors look smaller and prettier. This makes no sense at all. Baseline user experience must be prioritized before clean looks.

    I hope you take this criticism seriously. I really don’t understand what is going on with this new editor.

    Also, I hope nobody replies by saying that editing CSS will resolve these issues. It only comes with Premium and it’s evidently extra work to learn the coding to do extremely basic adjustments that I wanted to do above.

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    • This topic was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by finnlim.
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  • Hello!
    I think you have a misunderstanding of which part of WordPress is Gutenberg.
    Right now, it’s only the post/page editor.

    Your first point about the logo is due to your theme. All themes can handle the logo differently.

    Your second point about Customizer has nothing to do with Gutenberg, but is your theme.

    Point 3 concerning font size a line spacing is mostly your theme. There is some font size capability in Gutenberg, although it’s not a good idea for web sites. The theme CSS should keep all the pages of your site consistent. And changing one title (title is usually controlled by the theme) based on your current window size is not a good idea for users that will be on windows of all sizes.

    Your fourth point could be fed back to the developer team, either in the plugin support forum or in the Gutenberg repository.

    You can always edit CSS. Just because you bought a theme doesn’t mean that you can’t change things in it or use the Customizer Additional CSS. (not that you should, but just know that you can)

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