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    FYI – I’m posting this request to both GF Support and WPDirAuth ( as I’m not sure where to begin on this effort but I think will involve some coding related to both plugins.

    The context to the question is that I am trying to connect WPDirAuth (for LDAP authentication) with a GF form that creates new users via the GF User Registration add-on. I haven’t yet found a hook / filter in the GF add-on which would enable me to override their registration process, but also not sure what that modification process would be assuming it does exist.

    Currently – If a new user goes to the standard wp-login.php page and puts in their valid LDAP credentials it will validate existing users or create a new WP Subscriber account. Ultimately I’m aiming to remove access to this screen and funnel user creation through the GF form and regular login/logout via shortcode or functions coming from the theme header.

    The best-scenario is that user provides an email address in the form, but not password, and WPDirAuth would check if that is a valid LDAP email address and create a WP subscriber account without the password. When the user then next tries to login (providing their password) it will validate against LDAP. If there isn’t a way to do that w/o password, same process with password capture and I can customize GF to remove the password from form info after completing user registration.

    Any suggestions or code examples to help along this path would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Response from GF in regards to their add-on starts from the assumption that there is no way to modify their registration process, but to use a hook that occurs after user registration is complete (Gform_user_registered) to modify the newly created user.

    The question which follows is there anything which differentiates an WPDirAuth/LDAP created user account from a regular WP created one?

    Looking at the entries in wp_users and wp_usermeta I can’t see anything obvious but hoping there is such that I can modify it with that hook. Any suggestions?

    That post helped – adding a wpDirAuthFlag for the user user meta following registration was the missing ingredient.

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