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  • Hi, This is a great widget as it’s a good short term solution for my appointments that don’t convert to the user’s local timezone.

    A few suggestions for when you next update:
    1. Would you be able to include 10 min intervals in the time drop-down instead of 15min.
    2. Is there a way that you could choose the 1st timezone to stay fixed? As the UTC+2 for my current location displays as Helsinki because of WP guessing but I’m in Madrid and I don’t want to confuse anyone. I’ve currently settled for making the title of the widget “choose Madrid option 1” but it’d be nice to have a smarter option.

    If this were a plugin that was compatible with woocommerce appointments to allow users to see the timezone for their appointment choice, I think there’d be a lot of happy customers as it’s a big gap with appointment plugins.


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  • Plugin Author jekkilekki


    Thanks for the feedback! I’ve created an Issue with your suggestions on the GitHub repository for this plugin.

    As for your default timezone problem (Helsinki), I THINK it’s already coded to work properly if you set your default timezone in the WordPress Settings as your CITY name and not the UTC offset. I think.

    It’s supposed to first use your City Timezone (if set as a City in the WordPress settings), but if you use a UTC offset, then it will guess by using the closest City in that offset.

    So, go into your WordPress Settings and make sure your timezone is set to a City (like “Europe/Madrid”) and NOT something generic (like “UTC+2”).

    Here’s a full list of the cities in Europe that the plugin SHOULD be scanning through first before guessing your City based on UTC offset.

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