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  • My client has items for which they charge a flat rate for shipping. They put the items in Priority Mail boxes or envelopes and always charge the Priority Mail price as the only option. This is easier for the client than calculating the shipping cost individually for each customer.

    A problem arises when the customer wants to order more than one item, even if the item is basically a piece of paper and when multiple units of the item can go in the same envelope. If the customer orders two units of the same product, they are charged the flat rate for the shipping twice.

    Any suggestion of how we could work it out so that they could purchase several units of an item for the same flat-rate shipping cost?

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  • Hi there,

    Ray here with WP eCommerce Support. We have flat rate shipping option available. Have you try using that?

    Thank you,

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your response. I’m using the flat-rate shipping option. Here’s the problem…

    My client is selling prints. Each [print] item in the store has a flat rate shipping amount of (let’s say) $5.00. If a customer wants to buy two prints, they get charged $10.00 for shipping in the shopping cart, even though the two prints could obviously go in the same envelope for one $5.00 shipping cost.

    I haven’t been able to find a way, using the flat rate option, to apply one (only) flat rate amount to cover several items.

    Any suggestions on how I might accomplish this?

    If I have understood correctly…

    Use “table rate” and then set a single layer.

    Hi there,

    Please try whitelamp’s suggestion. Flat rate is not the shipping type that you are supposed to use to achieve what you want.

    Thank you,

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