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Suggestions for base theme

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  • Purely as a base, I’d go for

    Gemini (2-col)

    Trident (3-col)

    They are ugly – but they don’t break 🙂

    Not really. The best thing is to find one that is more or less close to the basic design/layout you want, and try to modify that one.
    Look around at http://themes.wordpress.net


    Thanks. The one I want to emulate is the tonus skin, but it’s a 1.5 theme and heavily customized for ajax etc. I’ll keep looking for a nice base theme.


    Thanks. Judging by Gemini’s files, I’m guessing it’s not a WP v2 theme but I could be wrong. The Outrospective has a bit of a language barrier, I’m not finding where to download the theme. Google’s not helping yet.

    Thanks both. I’ll keep looking.

    (Almost) all the 1.5 themes work with WP 2.x.

    You are right about Gemini – that’s from 1.2 🙂
    I’ll make it a theme…

    Trident – also not a theme but check around that site for some good solid themes too.


    Oh, OK. So all basic functionality that’s new in WP v2 (e.g., Parent/Child Pages) will work in a default v1.5 theme? That’d be good news. 🙂


    Nevermind that last question. I’ve answered that myself.

    Here I go, diving into the world of themes. If I’m not back by sundown, send help.

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    PS…Not only am I a newbie to themes, I’m also a newbie to WP.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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