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  • I have an idea for a CMS-based website but I’m brand-spanking new to WordPress and I don’t know where to start. The basic structure will be similar to a humor site like

    Members will sign in to make entries relating to the website’s subject (let’s say favorite movie quotes). A member would create an entry including the genre of the movie, the title of the movie, and the movie quote. Anyone can visit the site and see the entries that have been posted, either by sorting alphabetically by title, genre, or member. Only members can comment on or rate quotes.

    The home page will display a few of the latest quotes submitted (full quotes), a list of the 10 most recent movies quoted, and the top 5 rated quotes.

    I’m not a programmer, though I’d like to be able to set-up and maintain all of this myself. I don’t know what plug-ins I need or how to describe the capabilities I need to even look for the right plug-ins!

    Any advice on how I can get started would be greatly appreciated.


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