• So first on the fees. I couldn’t find information on this until I installed the plugin and registered for a Stripe account. You see all the payments are processed through PeerRaiser – they charge 4% per transaction unless you’re a 501c3, then it’s 3%. That’s in addition to Stripe’s fees which is 2.9% plus .30 per transaction. So for a $100 donation, roughly $7.20 goes away in transaction fees.

    Next, it appears there’s no way to export data in any format. So you can’t export your donors in CSV or Excel form, your donations, your fundraisers… nothing.

    I couldn’t find any documentation that explains how to modify the registration pages or team pages to capture more information. Nor could I easily find a way that a participant could modify their profile page once it was created. For example, it’s not easily apparent how a user could join a team after the user registered.

    It’s a great idea but there’s really not enough functionality to justify the fees involved.

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