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  • Hello, Joe. I’m just writing to give a few suggestions regarding your My Calendar plugin. By all means feel free to ignore me if you’re not interested.

    I’ve suggested earlier that the recurrence feature would likely be more intuitive primarily using checkboxes rather than dropdown lists, & I’ve become increasingly convinced of that recommendation as I work w/the plugin. It would be so much nicer to have checkboxes where you could include or exclude days, ie, every day except Sunday, etc. That would make the plugin much more intuitive as well as saving the work of making copies of multiple recurring events, ie, 1 for weekdays + 1 for Saturdays. Yeah, I know–some of us are just lazy :raised hand:.

    I’ve also become convinced that selecting event hosts would benefit from checkboxes as well, because at this juncture, there seems no way to select multiple event hosts. I seriously doubt that I’m the only one who needs to do that. Indeed, perhaps event hosts should not be tied to WordPress users at all, as there are likely many scenarios where the hosts aren’t actually signed up to the website. In that case, a text field where the event host(s) could simply be typed in would work. In fact, this may actually be a show-stopper for me at this point in terms of using the plugin for the site I’m developing, which is too bad, because I’ve already got time invested in it, & I like supporting those who take accessibility seriously.

    In any event, those changes would certainly earn the plugin 6 * from me :).

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  • I agree to 100%!


    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    I can’t really change the existing hosts set up in any significant way – it’s tied to too many features, such as limiting views by hosts, template tags, etc.

    If you need a text field for event hosts, I’d recommend adding a custom field to track that: Example custom field plugin on GitHub

    Changing the recurrence feature is already on the roadmap, but believe me – it’s not a trivial change, and I’ll need a good chunk of time available to work on it.

    O, I *know* the recurrence thing is totally *not trivial*! & I get it about the event hosts, though it’s too bad, because I’m certain I’m not the only 1 who needs multiple event hosts.

    I downloaded your sample code & I’ll play w/that in a bit. Thanks, Joe. I do believe, though, that if the plugin is to be useful to the maximum number of people, you’ll somehow need to incorporate co-hosting, as this is a common requirement for events of all kinds. & most users don’t want or indeed even know how, to code in order to make that happen.

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