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  • Plugin Author Oleg Goltsev


    If you have any suggestions or ideas, related to the plugin and its functionality, please share them. Thank you.

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  • Suggestion: Pagination.

    Admittedly we are using the plugin for a very non-standard purpose as seen here

    but it has gotten so huge, the page takes a while to load. Pagination for large numbers of entries would be nice.

    Hi Oleg,

    Thanks for this amazing plugin. I translated it in French because it’s totally worth it, so I hope you’ll be able to have a french version running soon.

    I saw that you plan to add filters, which would be a great feature.
    Let me know if you need any help for more translation.

    Plugin Author Oleg Goltsev


    Hi tamise and Tvstuff, thanks for both of your suggestions. And thank you for the translation tamise.

    Unfortunately, currently I’m very busy with work and don’t know at the moment when will be the next update or what it will feature/have.

    Hi Oleg,

    thanks for the plugin, really helpful.
    May I suggest a very quick-to-do update?
    I’m implementing a filter functionality (really base level, through $_GET) to a page which uses your plugin… may I suggest to add a shortcode to get the list of categories?
    Should not require much time, but would for sure save some time to people which have to display the categories!
    (E.G: in my case I have 30 categories and i have 30 links to setup manually)

    Also it would be nice to have the team member descriptions loaded via ajax instead of making the page heavier by pre-loading the team member info.



    Great plugin – very stylish.

    This is one area where publish start & stop times would be very helpful. You normally know in advance when someone is joining or leaving, so it would be helpful to set it up in advance.

    Hopefully it would not be too difficult to reuse the functionality already available in Pages?

    I really like the plugin, it looks very nice.

    Is there any way you could add the ability to:
    -Allow selecting width by percentage so that it scales better on smaller screens
    -Decrease the minimum width below 200px
    -Have different styles/options per category

    Especially being able to have smaller widths and percentage widths would be great, as right now it’s not super mobile friendly, as the smaller your screen gets, the less are on each row, making it a very long page.

    Thanks for your time.

    Здравствуйте, Олег.
    Ваш плагин очень функционален и он прекрасно выглядит.
    Но при некоторых вариантах его использования, он создает довольно серьезную SEO проблему, а именно проблему дублей контента.
    Есть сайт онлайн-школы по изучению иностранных языков там есть раздел преподаватели, который как раз реализован на вашем плагине. На этой странице все хорошо и все понятно.
    НО, есть страница по изучению английского языка и там мы видим тех же самых преподавателей, только отфильтрованных по знанию английского языка.
    Что в итоге мы получаем – мы получаем полное дублирование контента с карточки преподавателя на каждой странице где он есть, а это не очень хорошо.
    Та же история и со страницами по изучению других языков – испанский, немецкий и так далее.
    Т.е. если преподаватель обучает всем языкам, что есть в этой онлайн-школе, то его карточка с его описанием попадет на каждую страницу сайта, дублируя таким образом контент.
    И если для Яндекса, например можно попробовать закрыть блок вывода вашего плагина в <noindex>, и то не факт, что это сработает, то как это закрыть от гугла совершенно неясно.
    Такое вот замечание по вашему прекрасному плагину (особенно, если его использовать только на одной странице).
    Надеюсь мой комментарий поможет вам в развитии вашего продукта.
    Всего вам доброго и успехов в делах.

    Please, make your code PHP 7.2 compatible! Currently, there are some warnings in the admin interface.

    Would love to see the ability to add an email address for a team member. Perhaps under social icons.

    Love the plugin! Thanks!

    I second pagination. We have such large teams, that the pages take a while to load…This is even when I have divided them by department, but some of our departments have 50+ members.


    We love the plugin but have a couple requests! First, instead of having a popup on the right side, would it be possible to make the team member’s photo a link?

    And second, instead of having an icon when you hover, would it be possible to have editable text?

    We’d love to see these options added!!

    Thank you so much!!

    Hello, we were asked, “If you have any suggestions or ideas, related to the plugin and its functionality, please share them.” This question was a 1 1/2/ years ago and for months there has been suggestions, but has there many any updates? Has any of the suggestions been seriously considered? Thanks just wondering.

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