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  • Please send me your reviews, suggestions, advice, and feedback for I am still in the beginning stages and would love feedback during these beginning stages prior to full release.

    Thanks in advance to all!

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  • Hi, looks like a good start. However there seems to be a problem with the placement of the search box, and it all seems a bit grey and dull. Maybe white backgrounds would give it a cleaner, fresh appearance and make your logo and images pop.

    @premiumwp…the search box placement is actually a defualt from the theme. If I were to change the placement, where would you suggest would be a good spot? Since I am pretty novice with all this still, would you be able to please tell me how to move it?

    Any other feedback from anyone? Any other feedback from anyone on the background color?

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    It looks like the search box is supposed to be in the right of the navigation menu, however because you have too many items in the menu itโ€™s being pushed down into the content. I guess you can restructure your nav menu items so the search box will fit, or find where it is in your theme files and remove it.

    thanks premiumwp!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    • The top advert overrides your logo.
    • Looks the same as the WP Creativix.
    • Post images are not aligned aside one another on the Home Page.
    • Hyperlinks aren’t consistently styled.
    • No apparent colour scheme.
    • Dating adverts are too inappropriate.
    • Again the adverts take-over your website on other pages, including the adverts’ use of colour.
    • Home page took 4.30 seconds to load.
    • Invalid mark-up from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards on the Home page. Check other pages too.
    • On the Home page, the far right column “Latest Articles” could have the bullet points closer to the text.
    • No alt attribute and value on your logo <img> element, therefore discriminating against those with visual impairment.
    • Main/Global navigation menu still allows you to hover on it below its graphic. The gap between the search bar and this navigation is not actually a gap.
    • The search bar/input field looks cramped.
    • You should only display the calendar if you’re displaying events, otherwise it would appear you are doing nothing.

    Andrew…thanks so much for the needed feedback. I am pretty novice with coding since I never took a class on it ever. I have a few questions:

    1. I checked the link out that you attached. There are plenty of warning, error, and info icons with the suggested solutions. I do not know if they are from the original code from the theme and or from code that WP forum helpers suggested for me to insert in helping me build my site. Are there one’s I need to be very critical about in trying to fix somehow with my lack of programming/coding skills?

    2. Home page took 4.3 seconds to load. How can I have my site load quicker? What speed would generally be ideal for the home page to load?

    3. Color scheme. Where spcefically within the editor can I change the color scheme. I would like to change the two gray tones on the slide and where the articles are too.

    4. Hyperlinks are not cons. styled. Can you explain this a litte more for me please?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    If you need help, please post in a different forum section. This section is not frequented by the volunteers who help out.

    1. Remove calendar
    2. Change theme
    3. Perform on SEO
    4. Learn little bit CSS
    5. Update sitemap
    6. Use twitter
    7. Remove ads for now
    8. Try to update your site daily
    9. You can try video blogging
    10. i like logo ๐Ÿ™‚

    blograzzi…Thanks for the advice!

    I agree with Blograzzi , you should do all that and it will improuve

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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