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  • I am holding off on my review in favor of throwing out some suggestions first.

    1- I would add a way to move the added fields order of appearance amongst each other and amongst those included in bbp. As it stand right now the questions are randomly put in the middle of bbp information, ideally they would be placed under the profile for me.
    2- An ability to add and remove fields beyond four of them.
    3- The ability to limit the length of responses.
    4- The option of responses being answered by a drop down menu, radio buttons or boxes.
    3- Fixing the bug of fields have two “::”, such as “Favorite Games: :”.

    Overall though I do like what you have done. It is very clean in its presentation and it does work even if it is not perfect. Thanks a lot for the plugin. 🙂

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  • I goofed, #3 (the second #3, apparently I messed up there too lol) is not a bug, it was an issue with how I typed the question.

    I hope my original post didn’t come off as overly critical.

    Plugin Author Robin W



    Thanks for your post, and no it didn’t seem critical – I’m grateful for the feedback.

    This is one of a handful of plugins I have written, and I’m still very much learning the art of writing them, so some of the functionality you seek is beyond my current coding powers ! As I improve, I’ll revisit !

    On your points

    1. Not sure I fully understood. Do you mean where they show in the profile or under the avatar in topics/replies. Changing the order in which they appear I could do, maybe a bit clumsy at first

    2. I chose 4 as a start point – I haven’t yet learned how to make this dynamic, eg you start with one field, and then click a button to add more. I could write it for 6 or 8 or 10 (basically it’s just copying code and incrementing a number). When I’ve learned the art of this, I’ll improve it.

    3. Good idea – again beyond my current skills, but I’ll look at this one fairly quickly.

    4. Again a good idea – but beyond me at the moment, will seek to incorporate in a later version

    Glad you fixed your own #3 second 🙂

    Thanks again for the feedback, really appreciate the time you took to write, and as I improve hopefully you’ll see your thoughts come into action.

    Any help you can give me to better understand #1 would be great !

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