• Great Plugin!
    Working well!
    And the “DB Snapshot” feature is a great help too!

    But I have some suggestions to make it even better:

    1.) Delete Themes
    Deleting all themes results in a not working WP installation. And I think that should never be the result of a reset.
    Suggestion: Make “Delete all themes WITHOUT currently activ” default
    + add a checkbox for “Delete active theme too” (if somebody needs this feature)
    + add a checkbox “Reset to Standard WP Theme(s)” (like delivered with new WP Install)

    2.) Add “Reset to Clean Install” 1 click option including DB + Themes (Active or Standard WP) + Plugins + Uploads reset

    3.) Change userinterface according to this “Reset to Clean Install”:
    => Main Page with default checked boxes:
    x DB Reset
    x Theme Reset (including described options)
    x Plugin Reset
    x Uploads Reset

    … only with other tools remaining in “Tools”

    Resulting in a “Clean Install Reset” by default and a partly Reset if unchecking some boxes.

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  • 4.) OR make all boxes in suggestion 3 blank by default to force user actively decide each reset option

    Plugin Author WebFactory


    Thank you so much for the suggestions! We love to hear what our users need.

    1) That’s already available in the code but not in the GUI so we’ll definitely add it to the GUI ASAP.

    2) “Clean everything” is also on our to-do list. Shouldn’t be too hard to add since we already have all those functions coded.

    3 / 4) I understand. Some changes in the GUI will happen soon but since we now have 100k+ users we have to be careful with any changes as I know people will scream at us 🙂

    Again, thank you very much for the suggestions.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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