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  • Hi,

    Love the plugin! Should be rated 10 stars!

    Could you add an option to number answers so we could have questions/answers like:

    Where is the Christmas story found?

    1. Matthew
    2. Mark
    3. Luke
    4. John
    5. All of the above
    6. Only 1 and 2
    7. Only 2 and 3

    Also, on the page that lists all the questions for a quiz, could you show the points for each question with a total? This would make it easier to determine if the quiz and questions are scored correctly.

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  • It would also be great to have the possibility to put all the questions on a single page!

    P.S. Very nice plugin, congratulations!

    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello ElderP65,

    Thank you for your statement.
    Yes, it is possible to number the answers. It would look like this:

    Referring your second question: please give me an example. I actually do not really know what you mean.

    Hello Lehorla,

    Thank you for your congratulations. Do you mean that all questions should be listed below each other? So that you do not have to click on the button “next exercise” or “check”?

    > Do you mean that all questions should be listed below each other? So
    > that you do not have to click on the button “next exercise” or “check”?

    That’s exactly what I mean. Mtouch has this option. Although it’s much worse (IMHO) than what you’ve managed to achieve with your plugin.
    It would allow people to make entire pages with a nice layout, so it’d be a better solution for people who design websites with typical webpages (and not blog posts).
    Here’s an example I found: (sorry, it’s Drupal ;-))

    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello lehorla,

    Thank you very much.

    I have the option “Questions below eachother” implemented in version 0.14.

    Hello ElderP65,

    I have the option “Number answers” implemented in version 0.14.

    Numbering the questions was perfect. Thanks.

    For my other question, from the “Quiz Overview” page, click “Questions” for a quiz. I would like to have question points added to the Questions page. This would make it a lot easier to check if the points for a quiz are correct.

    I made an example using Photoshop and the image is here



    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello ElderP65

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will implement it in the new version.

    Thank you!!

    Add option to edit the >=% for graduations

    “percent (Will be displayed, when result-percent is >= 70%) “

    I need additional options for graduations such as:
    “percent (Will be displayed, when result-percent is <= 70%)”

    Right now you only have one option based on positive achievement… I need ability to show graduation based on persons under certain % levels. If you didn’t score 60% = You need to go back and study.

    I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks.

    Add option to re-label buttons in settings. I mean the buttons like start quiz and restart quiz and others.


    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello ClubUgly,

    Qustion #1

    That works even now.
    see screenshot:

    first graduation: 0%
    second graduation: 60%

    Qustion #2

    I’ll add this later.


    I’m looking for a option to display percentage on check. For example:

    7. When your partner wants to try something you’ve never done before:

    I don’t refuse. Hey, I’ll try anything once.
    63% (votes: 151737)

    I’m a little wary, but let him talk me into giving it a try.
    33% (votes: 78278)

    I tell him to knock it off. What’s wrong with sticking to the tried and true?
    4% (votes: 10161)

    This is in addition to points… You would only see this after each question to show the percentage of what other people chose for their answer. As you can see there is no right or wrong answer, but you still gain points for best answer and get to see what other people thought.

    Also, is there a way or option to assign points to each answer? I mean for each question you can assign points for correct answer currently.

    I am looking for ability to divide those points between answers and or you can assign points for best answer. Your entire quiz can be combination of both.

    For example the question has value of 25 points… However the points are divided amongst answers:

    1. Value 20 points best answer.
    2. Value 5 points some agree.
    3. Value 0 points worst answer.

    So if there is only once correct answer, then you would assign total value 25 to one answer. But if two or more could be correct then you can divide the points among them.

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